Insulin for Bodybuilding

Insulin for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is an extreme sport meant to challenge one’s physical abilities and strength. One’s physical shape is an essential thing evaluated there, and some people use rather controversial methods of muscle building; using insulin is one of them.

You may not be aware of it, but insulin is suitable not only for blood glucose levels control; many those who are into bodybuilding use it for muscle-building purposes. All because it helps muscles to absorb nutrients faster after the workout session. However, this action may be pretty risky, and we are going to discuss this topic in the article. Read and learn!

Why Do Bodybuilders Use Insulin?

The traditional usage of insulin is well-known – to properly regulate high blood sugar and control glucose in the blood flow. However, those in sports often choose this product for off-label purposes, namely to promote muscle gain.

*Off-label purposes – those that are not officially listed, so the body reaction may be unpredictable. 

Sometimes, bodybuilders use the insulin that acts as an anabolic hormone together with other anabolic steroids. In this way, the muscle mass can grow faster, and a person may expect quick results.

Amino acids and muscle growth

Insulin injections are great not only because of their blood sugar control abilities; it is exceptionally effective for muscle protein synthesis too. The most important thing in the muscle-building process is to consume enough high-protein products, like lean meats, protein, dairy products, etc.

Better carbohydrate storage

Anyone who knows the basics about insulin use is aware of the fact that it can promote carbohydrate storage effectively. And bodybuilders typically consume carbohydrates after a workout to guarantee glycogen replenishment. In this way, by using insulin after the training, people make it possible to move blood glucose and amino acids (or protein) to muscle cells in the body.

*This type of injectable should be used only after the workout for an excellent effect. 

Risks People Should be Ready for

As insulin is a hormone produced naturally in the body, as well as used for diabetes management, its excess in the bloodstream can be dangerous for an individual and even lead to severe health conditions. Therefore, it is better to think carefully about whether it’s worth all the risks.

Low blood sugar levels

This is one of the most common risks because when someone without a problem with blood sugar control is taking insulin, there is a high chance of significant glucose level lowering in the blood flow. This issue is also known as hypoglycemia and is characterized by such symptoms as fatigue, dizziness, hunger, shakiness, etc. Carbohydrate-containing food or beverage is the best option to increase blood sugar back up immediately. However, if a severe hypoglycemia episode happens, a doctor’s assistance may be required to avoid life-threatening conditions. This one is characterized by seizures, blurred vision, confusion, sudden loss of consciousness, or the combination of all symptoms mentioned above.

Unexpected adverse reactions

Except for the low blood sugar symptoms, there are some other side effects that are dangerous and can be very harmful to a person. Bumps and lumps under the skin, severe allergic reactions, stomach troubles, splitting headache, weight gain, and others. And you’ll never know which ones will be more dangerous for an individual. So, once again, specialists don’t recommend using this peptide hormone for building muscle.

Why Do Bodybuilders Use Insulin

Buy Insulin Online and Other Ways to Purchase It

People with diabetes whose bodies can’t produce enough insulin to control blood sugar levels correctly need to have it injected for their health condition. As it is a prescription medication, so it can only be purchased with a valid prescription from the medical professional after the diagnostic in the hospital.

There are two ways to buy insulin medications – in the local pharmacy and online. When it comes to buying injectables online, most patients prefer buying them abroad. Why? Because, for example, Canadian insulin can be five-six times cheaper than in the USA.

The Bottom Line

Using insulin by bodybuilders is sometimes unsafe but wildly used practice in big sports. Even though it can be helpful in increasing body muscle, it is not recommended to choose this method to preserve better health conditions. Moreover, insulin is a prescription medication, so buying it for non-medical purposes can be considered illegal sometimes. Be careful and stay safe. Good luck!