Interior design techniques you can use to maximize storage

Fitting in all your belongings in a small apartment or room is not easy. Making it look cuter and aesthetically pleasing on top of that- even more difficult. However, that’s the essence of interior designing, finding creative solutions to such problems. It is not as difficult as you think it is to make a space functional, comfortable, and practical- even if it is a small space. Here are some space-saving techniques that would help you maximize storage and achieve a pretty but functional apartment.

Pocket Doors

Probably something you have not thought of before when it comes to space-saving techniques, Pocket doors are the perfect way to not only increase storage but also make it look beautiful. Pocket doors are essentially sliding doors that can easily slide into a wall cavity, not only saving space but also making them super easy to install.

A pocket door made out of a transparent material (glass, for example) is the perfect way to increase natural daylight in your home while creating different sections of the room. They also use little to no space when compared to opening and closing a door. These pocket doors are perfect for small spaces as they create separations without making the place feel claustrophobic or dark.

Shrink your furniture

Big, chunky, stand-alone furniture that serves a single purpose is probably not the best when it comes to your small space. While they may look luxurious and comfortable, not only will they take up more space than required, but they will also make your space look hoarded. You can reduce chunky furniture by opting for a smaller and more flexible form of furnishings. For example, instead of having a big bed with a headboard in your small room, go for a day bed that will save you floor space and won’t take up the entire room. Alternatively, you can go for wall-beds that can be pulled down when in use and put away when not.

You can make your small bed or pull-out bed look better by adding a pattern to the walls behind. You can do this by adding wallpaper or by adding tapestries. This gives your room a focal point, making the room look and feel bigger and brighter.

Maximise vertical storage

Vertical storage saves you room on the floor and makes your walls more functional. You can increase storage by stacking drawers in your cabinets or by using stacking containers that make room for more and makes organizing a bit easier. Another one of the space-saving techniques that you can use is adding a shelf to a big cabinet and making use of the extra shelf space.

Alternatively, you can build floating shelves that will make more room on the floor for moving about and open the space. If you opt for an open-plan space, this method will be especially useful and essential for storage.

Another way to use vertical space is by using it to hang the décor instead of putting the décor on the shelves. You can do this by hanging plants, art and other décor items from the ceiling or on the wall instead of having plants sit on the floor and take up space.

Mount your TV 

A TV is an essential part of any living space, and we all know how much room it takes to have a TV. A TV unit can take up most of the space depending on the size of the TV, and if you have a big TV, the best thing you can do is wall mount it. Not only will it save you space, but it will also make your room look cleaner and brighter. You can get your TV wall mounted by professionals by

Use multi-function pieces

One of the easiest ways to maximise your storage is by getting furniture that has a dual purpose. A sofa that can turn into a bed? Perfect for a studio apartment; Thinking of getting a coffee table? An ottoman will do the job while serving as extra storage as well as a footrest. Finding furniture that has built-in storage is another way you can increase the storage in your home.


Built-In storage is the perfect solution for maximizing your space. Not only does it give a very sleek and clean look to your room, but it also enables the utilization of the entire vertical space. Consider a floor to ceiling wardrobe or build in cabinets that cover the entire wall to make your room look airier and more spacious. By building them opposite to the window, you will increase the reach of natural daylight in your room as well, which is extremely important to make small spaces look and feel less claustrophobic