Who are Irritated Traveler Angie and Mike

Irritated Traveler Angie and Mike

Angie and Mike, are widely known as an average couple traveling the USA in a third lavish motorhome in search of new, exciting adventures. Their aim is not restricted to any destination but yes, exploring big seems to be on their priority list.

What is Exciting about Irritated Traveler Angie and Mike?

Angie and Mike the owner of the YouTube channel Irritated Traveler popularly known for the art of exploring the world using a recreational vehicle. The best thing about them is they possess no limits or boundaries. All they want to create is the best memories with their motorhome, though the manufacturer of a class motorhome was by hiring a skilled attorney, which can get against wild hurricanes too. Let’s know more about their channel – irritated travelers.

“Irritated Traveler is an amazing  American YouTube channel owned by a wonderful couple – Angie and Mike who are popularly known for exploring different parts of the world and making videos of their experience.” The channel is prominent with over 22.10k subscribers. It started 2 years ago and has more than 35 uploaded videos. They have also started making YouTube shorts videos to maximize views and user engagement in their videos. Making YouTube shorts videos is pretty easy nowadays with the help of ai videos editing tools.

How Much Money Do Irritated Travelers Make from YouTube?

Though there is no clear estimate of average earnings, we can say the quality of videos and the interests of people have reached heights that have offered this platform a great name and fame among potential audiences. Though it makes more than $18, 702 every year.

Best Trips and Experiences Shared by Irritated Travelers

  • They had a great way from Florida to Arizona stopping at Bisbee. The most exciting of them is entertaining everyone in traffic jams.
  • One of the most fun experiences was when Mike and Angie traveled to Arkansas with their favorite motorbus wishing to tour the ranger boat factory. Later on, kicked out of Denton ferry RV park and still had to pay the entire amount.
  • They have done their exploration through mountain falls in Lake Toxaway. Lake Greenwood motorcoach resort in cross hill.
  • We have come across the favorite food place of Angie and Mike which is ” Buc- cess “. They carry everything on their way. You need it while traveling. The place was crowded with amazing people. One of the best experiences for Angie and Mike.
  • Angie and Mike had experienced a great cold in Wisconsin where they failed in repairs to the shower, jacks, and air system. Later when we managed to get some cooler weather, repairs were impossible. Though they still managed to laugh out loud and be happy at the moment.

What Should We Learn from Angie and Mike?

Life is too short to plan or think of something organized. Rather we should choose something which seems to be exciting and adventurous. Irritated traveler couples – Angie and Mike taught us the “Art of living life with positive energy and talent to explore the world building up bravery, and an opportunity to grow and learn.”

What Else Have These Lovely Couples Taught Us?

  • To explore strange places
  • Be adaptive to different weather and culture 
  • Life lessons that we are might not aware of
  • Engaging in the meaningful travel experience
  • They also encountered new animals and creatures
  • The most important lesson they taught us was a “short escape from busy life”

Who needs someone else? When you have a trustworthy companion on your side to travel the whole world?