Jaisalmer Tour Package: Exploring The Road Less Taken! 

Jaisalmer Tour Package: Exploring The Road Less Taken! 

From the sand dunes’ undulating embrace to the majestic forts standing tall against time’s test, Jaisalmer is a mesmerizing blend of heritage and natural beauty. This city, steeped in history and enrobed in gold, has bewitched wanderers worldwide. It offers a delightful blend of exploration, relaxation and connection with the past. The echoing folklores, radiant architecture, and warm-hearted locals add a touch of magic to the air.

No matter where you set your gaze, every nook of Jaisalmer tells a tale – a tale of gallant warriors, prosperous trade routes and artistic grandeur. But most importantly, it tells a tale of a city that, despite being nestled in arid landscapes, bursts with life and color. Jaisalmer also offers excellent travelling option for couples.  

So what could be a better place for an explorer like you than Jaisalmer? But wait! Why do what everyone else is doing? Why not take a road less taken!? Correct? So, come let’s take a deep dive into 8 things you can do with a customized Jaisalmer tour package minus the cliché!

7 Things To Do That Are Not Included in Standard Jaisalmer Tour Package 

Visiting the Thar Heritage Museum 

Tucked away in the heart of the city, the Thar Heritage Museum is a treasure trove of history and culture. This privately-owned museum houses a fascinating collection of ancient manuscripts, weapons, musical instruments, and fossils. Each exhibit is a testament to the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Thar Desert. Delve into the stories behind these artifacts as they take you on a captivating journey through time.

Astrology Session with a Local Pandit 

 The intricate world of Indian astrology awaits you in Jaisalmer. Meet a local ‘Pandit’ or astrologer for a unique personal session. Decode your birth chart, explore the influence of celestial bodies on your life, and maybe even uncover a future prediction or two! This experience offers a glimpse into the ancient and revered practice of astrology in India.

Exploring the Bada Bagh 

Just a few kilometers outside the bustling city lies Bada Bagh, a serene oasis often overlooked by standard tours. Bada Bagh, meaning ‘Big Garden,’ is a complex of royal cenotaphs or ‘chhatris.’ These beautiful sandstone structures stand against the azure sky, offering an awe-inspiring sight and a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. The sunrise and sunset views here are simply breathtaking.

Taking a Pottery Class 

Engage with Jaisalmer’s artistic side by taking a pottery class from a local artisan. Get your hands dirty with clay and experience the simple joy of creating something beautiful. This hands-on activity not only teaches you a traditional craft but also allows you to interact with the local community, adding a unique element to your Jaisalmer exploration.

Visiting the Jaisalmer War Museum

A short drive from the city will take you to the Jaisalmer War Museum. Dedicated to India’s brave warriors, the museum houses a wide range of war relics, including military vehicles and equipment. The displays and exhibits serve as a powerful reminder of India’s military history, particularly the valour shown during the Indo-Pak wars. An often-overlooked site, this museum adds a different dimension to your Jaisalmer experience.

Experiencing Local Folk Music  

Music is a profound part of Rajasthani culture. In Jaisalmer, you can experience it in its most authentic form, far away from staged performances. Visit the quaint villages around the city and witness impromptu music sessions by the Manganiyars, a community of folk musicians. Their soulful renditions of traditional Rajasthani music, accompanied by unique instruments like the ‘kamaicha’ and ‘khartal’, is an experience that will stir your soul.

Visiting the Government Museum 

While most tourists throng the Fort and Havelis, the Government Museum often gets left out. This museum houses an incredible collection of marine and wood fossils, showcasing Jaisalmer’s geological significance as an ancient seabed. The sculptures and coins from different historical periods provide a glimpse into the city’s bygone eras. It’s a must-visit for history buffs and curious souls!

Explore the Glorious Past with a Customized Jaisalmer Tour Package 

Now that we’ve walked you through the mesmerizing city of Jaisalmer, how about embarking on this unforgettable journey with our Jaisalmer Tour Package? We’ve tailored a special journey just for you, encompassing all the wonder this golden city has to offer.

Our carefully crafted Jaisalmer Tour Package is designed just for you.

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Our Jaisalmer Tour Package is more than just a trip; it’s an all-access pass to a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered by you. It’s time to make Jaisalmer a golden chapter in your travel tale with the Jaisalmer Tour Package.