Keep It Simple: 7 Minimalist Home Décor Ideas

Clutter is now a threat to the psychological wellness of modern society. Clutter makes order and efficiency difficult. It doesn’t give the eye a place to rest and relax, negatively impacting our mental health. 

Minimalism is the answer to clutter, and it is also more sustainable than the hyperconsumerism of recent years. Amazing technological conveniences like same day shipping and one-click shopping have become a burden. American children are only 3.1% of the global population of children, and yet they have 40% of the toys.

For examples of how to implement minimalist home decor ideas in your home, check out the list below. 

1. Neutral Color Palette

A neutral color palette is the calling card of minimalist interior design. This color palette looks clean, fresh, bright, and inspires calm. It doesn’t have to be boring — white shiplap walls, for example, provide sleek lines and a sophisticated design element for any space.

If neutral is a little too drab for your taste, you can also go monochromatic. If you’re fond of monochromatic minimalism, are something popular to look at too.

2. Flat, Simple Shapes

When choosing furniture for a minimalist space, stick with flat, sharp, simple shapes. Although one item of furniture can be a stand-out piece, stay far away from ornate detailing and busy patterns.

Pay more attention to the space you are working with. Minimalist interior design must follow an open floor plan. That means the size and shape of the furniture must support that. 

3. Fun with Textures

You can also bring style and intrigue into a space through texture. Textures like velvet and knit look soft and luxurious. Just make sure any textured minimalist home decor works within the color palette of the room.

4. Lighting Options

Just like the furniture choices, lighting needs to have simple, sleek lines. Make sure the lighting is functional, as you don’t want to clutter the space with more lighting than is necessary. 

However, rooms do need a few different types of lighting, including task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting. Make sure the fixtures are conservative and do not overwhelm the space.

5. Thoughtful Choices

Every decision for a minimalist space must be thoughtful. Both form and function hold equal weight. There are no frivolous items in a minimally designed space.

As always, choose quality over quantity. The pieces may be expensive, but you need very few of them. For example, one flat surface and two to three seating options are ideal for a minimalist living room.

6. One Accent Only

Minimalism doesn’t mean boring. If your room is missing something, why not choose one accent — whether this is an item of furniture or a boldly colored wall. 

7. One In, One Out

To live minimally, you need to follow the “one in, one out rule.” Every time something new enters the home, something old needs to leave.

You can also get creative with storage options. Search for RV storage near me to get the clutter out of your minimalist living space. 

Implementing Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

The best thing about these minimalist home decor ideas is that they are easy to implement. The hardest part is decluttering and letting go of the ‘stuff.’ Minimalist decor is even easier to choose, as busy patterns have no place in a minimalist room.

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