Know the entire course of Action for the PTE Test Day

Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic Exam) is a test taken by the people who are non-native speakers. It is accepted in many countries as proof of the competency an individual has in the English Language. With months of preparation put together, individuals feel that they will be able to achieve their desired PTE score in the exam. But their PTE preparation and the confidence is put to the test only when they face reality, i.e. on the test day, while taking the test. Often, the faith is shaken, and the preparation fades away when the aspirants face the test; as, during their preparation, they were only taught how to deal with the different sections of the exam.

But many of them are not instructed on how to deal with the stressful situation it sometimes becomes and about what they must expect on the test day. So, here goes the line of action:

As soon as you enter the secure exam centre, you will be taken through the check-in process (you will be asked for a digital photograph), where the test administrator makes you aware about the rules and the procedure. Remember, carry copies of your ID and all the required documents.

You will then be guided towards the partitioned booth as there will be other PTE test-takers in the same room. However, they will be having different sets of Questions.

Exam Tip: Be loud and clear, while recording your answer as you may be able to get interrupted with your neighbour’s voice.

Once you get on to your place, check all the equipment’s required while taking a test; like handset, microphone, keyboard and mouse are available and are in a working condition.

(You will get QWERTY keyboard, practice more to get more comfortable with it).

One of the essential thing that you see is the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) popping up on your screen; which asks you not to disclose anything about the test. However, you would have also come across the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) while booking your test and while signing into the test centre.

Finally, you see the screen with this message: Welcome! 

You will also be reminded of the test duration. (The time will be on the right top of the screen).

You can prepare yourself mentally about the start of the test; when on your screen, you see relevant information about the test and the instructions for every section of the test. 

You will also be notified about the optional break which you can take after the completion of the reading section. (You cannot be in the testing room during your break). 

While attempting the questions if you click “next” without answering the present question, an alert message will pop up asking you if you would want to proceed further without answering. If not, you can choose not to go ahead; you get another chance to answer the question. 

After you have completed the test, you can click on the “End Exam” to finish the exam and raise your hand to intimate the test administrator. 

Note: Remember, whenever you face a problem, raise your hand so that the test administrator comes to your rescue. 

Other important things to know about the test day:

  1. Reach the test centre at least 30 minutes prior; so that the check-in process could be carried out in a hassle-free manner. 
  2. You can find the exact location of the test centre both in your email and your account online. 
  3. Keep your personal belongings into the lockers provided. (You can only collect your belongings once you finish the test).
  4. Do collect your pen & erasable note booklet while entering the testing room. 
  5. Keep your microphone in the correct position. (Do not cover with your hand or do not keep it higher than your lips). 
  6. Keep your voice at a normal level as you share the space with other test takers too.
  7. Get your security check and palm scanning done every time you enter the testing room. 

On completion of your exam, the test administrator will show you the way out where once again the palm scanning will be done. After completion of the process, you will receive an Attendance notice for the PTE test

The result for the test is generally out in 5 business working days; that you can keep a track with your email id and your account. In any case, you do not receive the result in the stipulated time; contact (Do not contact the test centre). 

When you know the entire blueprint of the PTE test day; it will take your confidence to a whole new level. Read once again and adapt things that can lead your way to success in the PTE-A Exam.

Author Bio:

KRINA PATEL- Project Manager

Krina Patel and team have developed PTE Tutorials as a one stop solution for PTE Practice. It is an online portal that presents the PTE Test taker with several features that boost their individual as well as Overall Score. Some of the many capabilities include test evaluation, test analytics, useful videos, practice resources like essay essentials, describe image booklet and more.