Minecraft Exit Code 1: Causes, Solutions, and more

Exit Error 1 Minecraft

Crash error on Minecraft java edition has become the most heard error from java users. The audience is eagerly waiting for the issue to be solved. This blog is all about the crash error on Minecraft java, its causes, and the solutions to help our users to solve issues.

Causes of minecraft error code 1

  • GPU drivers outdated 

GPU drivers play a crucial role in mini-craft java. It’s crucial to update gpu settings to avoid unnecessary errors. 

  • Faulty game settings 

Sometimes game settings don’t work well to support the system of the game. It then leads to causing errors. 

  • Graphics issue 

Maybe the issue arises in graphics settings causing errors in the game. 

  • Java issues 

Sometimes the issue persists in java ‘s settings, speed and configuration. To avoid the issue you can uninstall the java and reinstall the updated version. 

  • Corrupt modes 

Here you can delete corrupt modes which are creating unnecessary issues and storage in devices. You can monitor, analyse unnecessary mods and eradicate them one by one. 

  • Missing files 

Make time to create proper data to choose the corrupt files, caches in the device. Being the responsible user you should check from time to time what is creating glitches on your device. 

Solutions to Solve exit code 1 minecraft

  • Modify Xbox app 

Maybe there is an issue in the Xbox app which should be modified to avoid further threats to the app. You can repair your Xbox app and reset it. 

  • Visit start menu 
  • Go to app settings 
  • Go to the repair section 
  • Click on the reset section from the Xbox settings 
  • Remove all the old data from the Xbox app. 
  • GPU driver update 

Sometimes it is crucial to update the GPU to modify graphics settings. You can follow the process to update the GPU driver. 

  • Go to the start menu, device manager 
  • Go to display adapters 
  • Go to update GPU drivers 
  • Go to search automatically options 
  • You can do this by restarting the PC. 
  • Disable mods to fix minecraft crashing exit code 1

Disabling mods is important, to remove unwanted errors. 

You can follow the given steps – 

  • Go to menu 
  • Go to the app data 
  • Choose Minecraft app 
  • Go to the logs folder 
  • Go to the latex file 
  • Open mods folder 
  • Your final step should be deleting the unwanted mods. 
  • Reinstall java 

Java is the main aspect here. You can reinstall java to avoid unnecessary errors. To do it, follow up with the given steps – 

  • Go to the control panel 
  • Click on programs and features 
  • Select java and then uninstall it 
  • After uninstalling, go to the java website and reinstall the latest, updated version. 
  • Monitor if the problems still rise or not. 
  • Reinstall Minecraft 

You can also try uninstalling Minecraft to get free from errors. 

Follow up the process- 

  • Go to windows settings 
  • Go to apps settings 
  • The mini launcher can be beneficial 
  • Go to the Minecraft launcher. 
  • Notice the three-dotted icon button. Uninstall the Minecraft 
  • Once you uninstall Minecraft, you can install it again. 


We can’t predict errors. Technological innovations have paved the way for various modern changes for the ease of the public. 

This blog is all about the crash error on the mini craft java edition. Here we will provide information related to causes and solutions to solve the error. 

Hope our readers will get relevant information related to the topic.