Most Basic Water Purifier Problems and How To Fix Them?


A properly maintained water purifier can function for 4-6 years without showing any signs of a problem. After these years, the water purifier starts showing the common water purifier issues apart from water leakage. Some of the common issues that Aquaguard water purifier users use are strange taste, strange smell, noisy faucet and slow water output.

These are some of the most basic water purifier problems that you might have faced in your lifetime. Once you can identify the problems, you can easily fix them with the help of the Aquaguard service Gurgaon.

Top Most Common Water Purifier Issues and Ways to Fix Them

Strange Tasting Water or Smell From the Purifier

Biofilm accumulation inside the water purifiers can result in unusual smelling UV and RO water purifiers. Biofilm is an organic and inorganic material layer that collects on the water purifiers’ surface. This is the reason behind the ever-increase rise of water contaminants. The water purifier service experts replace the clogged membranes or filters as the quickest solution. 

Which Kind of Smell from the Water Purifier is concerning?

Copper tubing is one of the mechanisms used by RO purifiers. If you find metallic-tasting water, then be assured that the water has dissolved higher levels of bicarbonates, chloride, and sulphate from the copper tubing. However, if you find salty tasting waster, it means that the water has dissolved salt and solids both. To eliminate all of these particles, the water purifier should be up and running all the time.

Contact an Aquaguard water purifier professional for quick maintenance. Only the professionals can see what has gone wrong inside the purifier.

Slower Water Flow from the Purifiers

If your water purifier is supplying water at a slower flow rate, then it might be because of low water pressure or even low volume. Slower water flow might be an outcome of a malfunctioning water storage tank inside the purifier. The water storage tank comprises an air bladder that quickly releases water. However, the water release might slow down if the bladder leaks.

Another reason behind the slow water rate is because of clogged water filter cartridges because of high sediment content. For clogged water filters, you can always ask professionals to take care of them.

Strange Noises from the Water Purifier Faucet

If you come across your water purifier faucet making unusual noises after you have replaced the membrane and the filter. Then be assured that the reason is the system is pushing out water. The water pressure change can also lead to strange noises. If the problem persists even after the filter replacement, then you must consider calling a professional. Only a professional can determine if the tubing installation is properly done.

Leaking Water Purifier Faucet or Membrane

Constantly leaking the water purifier faucet means it wasn’t fitted accurately in the first place. The ill-fitted part should be replaced or tightly fit again if you need a fix for the problem. Worn-out-O-ring is the probable cause behind the same problem inside the water filter membrane. 

Summon a service engineer from the Aquaguard service centre Gurgaon immediately, if you notice leaking water from the water purifier’s faucet or membrane.

The RO Water Tank Refuses to Fill Up

Another common issue in a water purifier is that the storage tank doesn’t fill up. The reason might be because of the low water pressure inside the purifier. If you experience water pressure lesser than 40 PSI, then you might have to raise the pressure. Increasing the pressure is only possible through the assistance of a water pump. Another reason why the storage water tank wouldn’t fill up is because of a damaged RO membrane.

A damaged RO membrane means your water might start getting contaminated with safe drinking water, bacteria, viruses, dirt and dust. The RO membrane demands replacements every once a year based on its use. This ensures a cleaner and healthier drinking water.

To avoid all of these problems, you must make sure that the water purifier is running properly. To maintain a water purifier, you must ensure periodic maintenance from the Aquaguard service centre Gurgaon experts.