Most Common AC Problems That Require Repairs

Most Common AC Problems That Require Repairs

Summer days are no time for you to have AC problems, While we might not be the hottest place on earth, Texas has its fair share of summer weather.

We will feature information about some of the most common AC problems that may require you to call for a professional. If you notice any of these symptoms in your air conditioner.

Lower Refrigerant

If your AC unit is low on coolant, you will feel warm air coming from the unit. Whenever this happens, it could quickly become a chain reaction with your coil and various other components inside your unit freezing up and eventually failing.

Contacting your ac repair denver and preventative maintenance could save you all the trouble and inconvenience. Our experts say that you should get your coolant checked and the system cleaned at least once annually.

Low refrigerant could also mean that your system has a leak, which is the most common air conditioner problem experienced by homeowners. A leak must be fixed as soon as possible before any additional coolant is required to prevent hazardous gas from expelling into the air.

If your unit is as old as eight years or more, you may be facing these problems due to loose fittings that cause leaks. If you suspect that your coolant is running low.

Primary motor starter

The primary motor starter of your AC unit can either fail or get a fault, which causes your system to refuse to switch on from the thermostat. A motor starter works quite similarly to a gas automobile engine.

Starting up your air conditioner via a signal from your thermostat activates a specific switch that pulls the points into contact to send electricity to the unit.

As you can already imagine, these points open and close a lot throughout a year, which can easily lead to pitting and burning. Our experts can help you get your system up and running in no time.

One important easy maintenance tip is to check your primary motor starter’s condition every time a service is completed.

If your device starts to appear burned, pitted, or weekend, it would be best if you replace it.

Secondary motor controller

A secondary motor controller in an AC controls the voltage supplied from your electrical source to your HVAC system, including your fan motor, located outdoors and your compressor. In case of a breakdown, these individual items could cost a lot of money to replace.

If your secondary motor controller is weak or not functioning correctly, it’s essential for you to call us right away before any further damage is done.

A failed controller can cause the wrong amount of voltage to enter your system, which later leads to a failure. It is crucial for you to hire a reputable air conditioner repairing service that will address essential problems like this one carefully.

Getting your AC repaired properly can help reduce additional failures or even money on constant repairs in the future.

Faulty compressor

Getting a faulty compressor for your AC unit could be considered one of the largest expenses associated with typical air conditioner problems. If not looked after properly, a failure could occur, leading to a replacement of this significant part.

You could say that a compressor works like a heart for your AC. It pumps the coolant from outside the unit through a coil and then pumps cold air throughout your system.

You can ask our professionals about some preventive maintenance programs. Joining these service programs may help you save money on small repairs for a failed AC system or compressor.

Surveys show that inadequate airflow and poor installation are the most common air conditioner problems that may lead to compressor failure.


Regardless of where you live, you need to get annual or even regular AC maintenance and repairs if required. Some of the most common AC repairs are the ones that we have spoken of in this blog.

An AC failure mostly occurs during the hottest days of the summer as a result of issues regarding your unit’s dirty coils, blower fan, or other failing parts.

Your maintenance should include cleaning of the coil and the outdoor intake system. Doing this can help you avoid common air conditioner problems from occurring in the first place.