Moving Checklist: What to Do Before You Move

Moving Checklist: What to Do Before You Move

About 40 million people move per year. It’s an impactful industry that can provide all the professional help and service that you need. Start by taking a deep breath and figuring out which moves and decisions will serve you. 

Learning the top things you must do before moving will nip a lot of stress in the bud. We’ve got you covered when you want the best headstart. 

Let the tips below serve as your moving checklist. 

Outline Your Variables and Obstacles

Begin by jotting out all of the major details of your move. This will let you rank the most important and pressing obstacles. 

Consider the number of miles you’re moving, how many belongings you’re taking, and whether the move is physically taxing. Consider the location of your new house and the sets of stairs you’ll travel. 

Starting with this outline allows for a safer, more productive moving process. 

Pack Your Things Wisely

Many people dread packing most of all. This task becomes easy work when you study some packing tips that’ll help you.

Start by breaking down every single room and categorizing your belongings. This lets you figure out how many boxes or containers you need, and what types. 

Go with the sturdiest containers you can find. Plastic bins are great because they have consistent dimensions and can better protect what’s inside. 

Make a spreadsheet or other document that lets you know where all of your belongings are located. 

Coordinate With Your Pros or Helpers

Your checklist for moving isn’t complete without kicking around estimates from moving professionals. Pro movers make every part of your move easier, from packing to getting things settled in your new place. 

Find out their labor rate and whether it’s up or down based on the season. They’ll also quote you fees based on the difficulty of the move. Movers’ rates also escalate based on the number of miles traveled and whether overnight lodging is required. 

After you’ve locked in movers, make sure to touch base for instructions about moving day. 

If you’re getting friends and relatives to help, you’ll definitely need to get everyone on the same page. Double-check that everyone is going to show up at the right time – particularly if your move involves lots of travel. 

Focus on the Details

You’ll kick yourself if you overlook details during the move. Many people make the mistake of packing their first-night essentials away in a box. Keep a moving bag that lets you take care of your basic needs the first night or during travel stops. 

Go over your moving budget and figure out where you can cut costs. Make sure you’re also spending your money wisely on any services that you go for. Factor in the move out cleaning cost if you decide to hire a professional janitorial service. 

Use This Moving Checklist

Having the right moving tips makes the process so much easier. This moving checklist is an excellent starting point if you want a smooth and stress-free move. 

Start with these moving tips and browse our other articles for more information that’ll help you as a property owner.