External hard drive becoming a RAW drive is a result of a failing file system on the hard drive. A failing file system renders your external hard drive inaccessible through your computer GUI. The only option to access it is through your command prompt. 

In cases like this, recovering data becomes a hard task and you really might not know what to do about it. This article focuses on steps on what to do when your external hard drive becomes a RAW drive. It also points toward how to perform data recovery using iBoysoft data recovery software.

Common Causes of External Hard Drives Becoming RAW Drives

There are some common scenarios why your external hard drive becomes a RAW drive and inaccessible. Some of the scenarios that cause this issue include:

i. Removing your external hard drive without using the safe ejection method on windows computer. This is also common to occur when you are copying files from or to the external hard drive while you remove the hard drive.

ii. Malware infection of your hard drive.

iii. Sudden system failure while using your external hard drive. This may include a power outage, system shutdown, and laptop failure and so on.

iv. Connection problems could also be the main cause of RAW format in your hard drive. 

Irrespective of what the cause of the issue is, there are ways to find a solution to the RAW drive problem. Backing up your files will save you a lot of trouble. To save the important files on your hard drive, here are multiple steps you can try.

Ways to Fix RAW Hard Drive 

Trying to access a RAW hard drive is almost impossible. You will most likely get a prompt to format it or an error prompt stating that the parameter is incorrect. In some cases, the prompt gives you an idea of how to fix the issue, which is formatting. However, that will lead to losing all your files. In a case where the files in this RAW format hard drive is of importance to you, then formatting is not a great solution. 

Here are some practical steps you can use to fix your RAW format hard drive to access your data and recover your files.

1. Plug your hard drive into another computer: In the case where your computer might be the problem, plugging your external hard drive into another computer will help you confirm. The first thing you need to do is to take your hard drive and plug it into another computer to see if you have the same error prompt. 

2. USB port: In some cases, the USB port is the root cause of the RAW format issue. Using the multiple ports on your laptop, switch around the USB port to confirm if you are still getting the same error prompt. Sometimes, a specific USB port on your laptop may be the faulty terminal that fails to display the right certificate to access your external hard drive.

3. Connection issue: If you do not get results from switching ports, switching the connection cable is the next step. The cable with which you establish a connection between your laptop and your external hard drive could be the problem. When testing out another connection cable, try to use a cable that you are sure is working. This is to eliminate any doubt in the connection cable.

4. Driver Update: Due to the regular updates that computers push out, the driver for the external hard drive might already be incompatible and need an update. In this case, the driver might be the cause of the RAW format error. 

To fix this, navigate to the ‘Start’ menu of your computer and search for ‘Device Manager’. Look for the driver of your external hard drive under ‘USB controller’ and select ‘Update driver’. 

5. CHKDSK command: This is a utility that comes with windows systems. It is useful for checking the system integrity and fixing errors that are in the system. CHKDSK command is also useful for fixing hard drives without having to format the drive. 

To commence this step, search for ‘CMD’ in your search box from your ‘Start’ menu, right-click on the ‘cmd.exe’ option and select the ‘Run as Administrator’ option. From the command prompt, type in ‘chkdsk x: /f’ and hit enter. Here, x is the drive letter of your external hard drive. In most situations, CHKDSK proceeds to fix the issue. In rare situations, an error message is what to get.

6. iBoysoft data recovery software: In a situation where the above recommendation does not work, the next solution for you is to use iBoysoft Data Recovery. Although this data recovery program can’t support fixing your RAW drive, it is useful for recovering your file from your RAW hard drive safely. This software is easy to use and has the ability to get the important data on your corrupted RAW hard drive back. Of course, as a professional and multi-functional data recovery program, this great tool also enables you to recover deleted files from various storage devices except RAW drive data recovery.

To achieve RAW hard drive data recovery, what you need to do first is download iBoysoft Data Recovery from its official site to your computer. Then, launch the software and choose the RAW drive to perform a deep scan. Next, Preview the scanning result when it appears on the software interface. Once you have found the file you want, choose it, and then click on the Recover button.

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