Norma Gibson: Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-wife & All We Know!

norma mitchell gibson

Norma Gibson, official name Norma Mitchell, Tyrese Gibson’s former partner, has fought a long judiciary case for the custody of her child. Tyrese Gibson needs no introduction since we have seen him everywhere from movies to music, tv shows to social media. Tyrese is a well-recognized actor based in the USA, and he has played important roles in world-class movies like Fast & Furious film series, Legion, Transformers, Black and Blue, etc. He married Norma in 2007 and divorced her in 2009. When Norma married Tyrese, she gave birth to their daughter “Shayla Somer Gibson” in 2007. 

The couple had a very short marriage life and it tells many things about their incompatibility and understanding about each other. It seems they had too many conflicts with each other during their marriage and things did not work out even after having a child. Norma accused his ex-husband for domestic violence, physical and mental abuse. The former wife also tried fighting for guardianship in the court for quite a long time. Tyrese did not yield either when he was accused of such crime or misbehavior within the family and he also fought to claim his daughter’s guardianship. 

What We Know About Norma Gibson?

Formally recognized as Norma Mitchell, she was born on March 1, 1981, in London. She is 43 as of 2024. She belongs to the descendants of black British and Israeli from her mother’s side. Talking about her aesthetics and appearance, she is a gorgeous lady with dark complexion and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. She is absolutely unhappy with her marriage to Gibson in the past and has bad and painful memories of mental and physical exploitation. Later after her divorce, she also said that her former husband Gibson exploited the daughter. The lady has been in the limelight because of marrying a Hollywood star and also for blaming him of being an abusive dad and husband.

Mr. Gibson wanted to keep his marriage, spouse and daughter out of the sight of the media and public. He remained silent about his spouse and daughter every time he was asked by the media. Upon being asked repeatedly by popular media magazines, he hesitantly told that he is married but does not want to reveal the identity of his spouse and daughter. 

Norma Battles Against Tyrese in the Court

  • In January 2009, Norma resorted to court for her daughter’s custody. 
  • On August 19, she accused his husband of being very abusive towards Shayla. She claimed that Shayla’s dad forcefully pushed her to the ground and proceeded to beat her violently. 
  • On September 14, she gets approval for a restraining order from court to protect herself and her daughter from Tyrese. 
  • The court asked the abusive dad to stay 100 yards away from the mother and daughter. 
  • The temporary legal guardianship was approved by mother Norma. In later legal proceedings, Tyrese was also allowed to meet the daughter.
  • In 2015 she further revealed her emotions and mental state by saying she really wants justice for whatever has happened to her and her daughter in the past.
  • Norma also claimed that his ex-partner striked the innocent child 12 to 16 times and the child couldn’t sit down because of bruises and strong pain. The daughter cryingly told the mother that father had beaten her so badly that it made it painful for her to sit down comfortably.
  • In recent years, the actor Tyrese has opened up about how Norma’ allegations have affected his personal life and career. He also wrote on social media to his ex-wife that he will not get any work or job in the entertainment industry if she does not pull back her case. He also shared how broke he has become because of being involved in family legal disputes and all.
  • According to an article on, on Friday October 23, 2020, Tyrese got 50/50 guardianship for his daughter Shayla. The article states that child protective services investigated the abuse allegations by Norma and ultimately closed the investigation without recommending criminal charges against Tyrese. This suggests the court may have considered this a positive factor for Tyrese. The judge also denied Norma’s request for a permanent restraining order against Tyrese. This implies the court believed the allegations against Tyrese weren’t severe enough to warrant restricting his access to his daughter.

Who is Tyrese’s Second Wife?

Another thing that seems repeated with the guy is he also did not remain in his second marriage either with Samantha Lee. He married Samantha Lee on February 14, 2017 and divorced her in 2020. Samantha gave birth to Gibson’s second daughter Soraya Lee on October 1, 2018. 

Final Thoughts

Norma Gibson, formerly known as Norma Mitchell, was married to actor Tyrese Gibson for a brief period from 2007 to 2009. Their marriage was troubled, affected by allegations of domestic violence and abuse towards their daughter, Shayla Somer Gibson. Norma fought a legal case for guardianship of Shayla, blaming Tyrese for domestic abuse violence. Despite Tyrese’s denials and legal maneuvers, Norma continued to seek justice for herself and her daughter.

Over the past years, the legal case between Norma and Tyrese remained a matter of discussion and concern out in public, and it affected both their personal lives and careers. In the view of Tyrese’s claims of innocence and attempts to prove Norma’s allegations false, the court eventually granted him 50/50 guardianship of Shayla, closing the case without recommending criminal charges against him. 

Norma’s story sheds light on the challenges faced by many women in abusive relationships and the difficulty of navigating the legal system to protect themselves and their children. Despite the outcome of the legal proceedings, Norma’s courage in speaking out against abuse serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for one’s rights and seeking justice.