Pest Management: Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Bug Free

Data shows that 14 million residents in the US reported seeing cockroaches in their homes. Close to 14.8 million people reported seeing rodents inside their homes. This information makes it clear that pests aren’t going anywhere. 

This is something that every resident must deal with at some point in time whether the issue is big or small. Although you can’t terminate all of the pests in the world, you can put together a pest management plan for your home. With the best pest control tips, you can keep your home pest-free!

Continue reading the guide below for some of the best pest management advice. 

Maintain Your Lawn

An overgrown lawn is an ideal place for pests, rodents, and other critters to hide and build nests. If your lawn isn’t well-maintained, then it could quickly become infested. This infestation will then find its way inside your home. 

To prevent pests, start by timing hedges and tree limbs. Avoid tree branches from hovering over your roof. Remove any debris from your yard, such as twigs, branches, leaves, and excessive mulch. 

A clear and clean yard will limit the number of hiding spaces and pests. 

Remove Food and Water Sources

When pests invade your home, they’re usually on the hunt for only a few things. That’s water, food, and shelter. You can’t rip the walls and roof down, but you can remove food and water sources. 

Start by only putting pet food and water bowls down when in use. Then, make sure you securely seal all food items in the pantry and cabinets. Use airtight containers for optimal results. 

Check for leaks around the home as well and repair even the smallest ones.

Seal Windows, Screens, and Doors

Conduct an inspection of your entire home looking for signs of cracks, gaps, and holes. If you notice gaps between the exterior doors and the frames, then be sure to reseal these. Check the windows for openings as well. 

Any window screens with damages should be replaced. Pests don’t need a lot of space to enter your home. The smallest opening provides the perfect opportunity for them, so be sure to seal your entire home. 

Schedule Routine Pest Control

Even the cleanest homes deal with pests from time to time, especially homes located in environments where pests are more active. To stay on top of this problem, schedule routine pest control services. Professional pest control technicians can treat your home and put preventative measures in place. 

They’ll also be able to spot the signs that a current infestation is present. The experts can then determine what type of pest is infesting your home and come up with the proper treatment and preventative method. 

Pest Management Is Important For All Homeowners

No matter where you live or how clean your home and yard are, your home can benefit from pest management. To keep your home pest-free, ensure you maintain your lawn, remove sources of food and water, seal any openings to your home, and schedule regular pest control services.

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