Players Can Now Farm XP and OSRS GP With Giants’ Foundry

OSRS’ Giants’ Foundry is FInally Here

You can now enjoy the brand new Smithing activity called the Giants’ Foundry and discover additional improvements to training Smithing and earning OSRS GP with Smithing.

At last! We finally have a brand new Smithing method that will grant decent XP and help us save a lot of OSRS GP by consuming fewer bars than the traditional methods! The Giants’ Foundry! This is an activity that Jagex quickly developed to patch up a skill in dire need of a rework. This update will give you a new way to train Smithing and revamp one of the chilliest Smithing activities that have been around in OSRS for a long while: Smithing cannonballs. You’ll now be able to get a double ammo mold that will help you in the tedious process that grants you a small amount of Smithing XP but a considerable amount of OSRS Gold.

How to Join in the Giants’ Foundry Activity

To be able to participate in the Giants’ Foundry activity, you will need to complete a quest: the Sleeping Giants quest. To start the quest, you’ll need only level 15 Smithing and a few OSRS items worth a few pieces of OSRS Gold. It’s a beginner’s quest that will not require high-level skills or a lot of OSRS GP. It follows the trend started by The Temple of the Eye quest, in which you learn what to do in the upcoming activity or minigame during the quest that precedes it.

Using the Giants’ Foundry

Once you complete the short quest, you have everything you need to know to start and actively use the Giants’ Foundry. You’ll be able to efficiently utilize your bars, metal armors, and weapons you’d like to recycle. You’ll also get Smithing XP alongside GP, which you can spend in the Giants’ Foundry reward shop.

The activity is only for members, and it’s a perfectly safe activity. The only thing you could lose is your bars if you fail to Smith the sword. You won’t waste your bars or your time with a bit of attention. To start, you’ll need to speak to Kovac. You can also choose to right-click and commission him similarly to how you can get a farming contract from Guildmaster Jane.

He will describe the sword you need to make using two words. When setting the mold, the mold parts that respect the two will appear green, so don’t worry about having to memorize them or anything. By now, Jagex has figured out that we’ll end up using a plugin where the game design is less than adequate. The score you get from picking a mold that resembles the commissioned sword better will directly influence the quality of the sword.

You can only use the classic metal bars: bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and rune. You’ll need 28 bars or their recycled equivalent for one sword. After pouring the liquid metal into the mold, you’ll need to use either a bucket of water or wear the Ice gloves to pick up the sword preform.

Once you pick up the sword preform, you’ll be able to adjust its temperature using the waterfall and the lava pool. To increase its temperature, use the lava. To decrease its temperature, use the waterfall.

You will need to use tree tools: a trip hammer, a grindstone, and a sandstone. Using these facilities will alter the temperature of the sword, so you will need to pay extra attention and adjust the temperature of the preform using the lava and the waterfall before continuing. The trip hammer will lower the temperature, so start with the temperature on the higher end. Meanwhile, the grindstone will increase the temperature, so start with the temperature on the lower end of the scale. The sandstone will decrease the temperature, so start on the higher end. Also, remember that you’ll face more precise working temperatures with higher-tier materials.

How Are the XP and Rewards?

The XP rates are currently great! You can get almost 300 thousand XP per hour with runite bars and their equivalent in recycled OSRS items. But that’s inefficient since you can get a lot more XP per hour with the gold smithing gauntlets at the Blast furnace for merely half the price. However, medium and low-tier materials turn a profit while giving you between 85 and 135 thousand XP per hour. And this is an excellent option if you’re looking for the rewards in the Giants’ Foundry reward shop.

In the reward shop, you’ll be able to get the brand new smiths’ outfit. This new skilling outfit consists of four pieces: top, bottom, gloves, and boots. For each piece you’re wearing, you’ll receive a 20 percent speed bonus for anything you do on anvils, such as creating darts or rune plate bodies, and a 20 percent chance to progress faster in completing the sword. If you wear the whole set, you’ll receive a 20 percent extra chance, bringing the bonuses to 100 percent.

Besides this, you can get ore packs mainly containing coal and translate to some additional OSRS GP for you. More molds for you to have better and fancier picks within the Foundry, the eight cannonballs mold, a colossal sword, a Smithing boosting drink, and the Smithing catalyst, a consumable that will help you save OSRS Gold and get more XP. Using it at the blast furnace will half the amount of coal needed to make various bars and double your XP.