How to get rid of the red dot on discord icon

Discord Red Dot Icon Removal

Discord red dot on the app icon could be very distracting and irritating. So removing it would be very beneficial for your user experience. Many users complain about the problematic red dot on Discord icon. If you also want to get it off, then you have stumbled upon the right page.

We will not waste your time here and straight come to the point.

Read this article entirely to understand the full method of eliminating the red spot on Discord icon.

What Does the Red Dot on Discord icon Mean?

Discord typically has two types of red dots, the first one appears in the application, and the second one appears in the taskbar. The one that occurs over the taskbar’s app icon alerts you about the unread messages. It will automatically pop up on your screen whenever you have a new message that you may like to read. If you see a red mark inside the discord app, this means you have enabled the do not disturb status.

You may now have guessed how to get rid of them. Discord users can anytime deactivate the red dot notification by changing the status or marking all unread messages as read. For the detailed solution, please keep reading.

How to make Discord Icon red-dot free

Solution 1: Remove do not disturb

If you see a red spot with a straight line under it, remove your current status. You can also apply a different status to avoid this problematic icon. The below tips will help you change your status:
Navigate to the application.
Click on your user photo situated on the bottom left corner.
Select your status.
Choose a different status or remove the current one.
Restart the application.
Voila, the mark with a line on it was successfully removed from discord.

Solution 2: Mark all unread chat as read

When you have unseen messages on discord, it will automatically throw a red dot on Discord icon. To remove it, open your discord chat and mark them read. This is what you can do to enjoy your application without any marks and glitchy icons.

Solution 3: Reinstall the App to Fix Discord Red Dot

If it appears even after checking the status and unread chats, something is wrong with the app. Sometimes outdated app versions can also cause the app to act up, and it may cause the red dot issue. So, uninstall the current application and then download the newest edition.

Remember, it is not a technical issue, so do not worry about it even if you cannot remove it. If you follow the mentioned solutions carefully, you will surely solve the discord red dot.