Risks Of Treating My Pet With CBD

cbd for dogs

What are the risks of treating my pet with CBD?

The side effects of using CBD on your pet are similar to what humans experience. You can experience changes in diarrhea, fatigue, appetite, and stress levels. The more CBD you give your pet, the more likely they will experience side effects

In most cases, treating the reactions is not essential or required because they are usually relatively mild and tend to get better over time. 

However, if the side effects do not improve, or they get even more severe, speak with your pet’s veterinarian, and watch your pet closely, so they don’t harm themselves. 

Disclaimer: This page contains links and information related to CBD, a cannabis product that is approved, but may have some severe side effects and should not be consumed for recreation. It must be used for only medical purpose if prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Can CBD cause my pet to get high?

CBD will not cause your pet to feel high or cause them to feel euphoric feeling. However, some folks will note that their pets seem unlike themselves once they have used CBD. So, if your pet seems “high” after using the cannabinoid, there might be an explanation. 

Before buying any CBD item, read the label for information about the contents. If the product says it is full-spectrum, the product could have up to 0.3% delta-9 THC inside the product. 

It is the legal limit as per the 2018 Farm Bill. It’s a small amount and usually will not cause such side effects, but if your animal is susceptible to it, it could experience these feelings.

If your vet recommends CBD for dogs, then many CBD pet products are available for purchase, such as topicals like lotions and creams, treats, oils, and others. 

You usually give them the treat by mouth or can place it under their tongue. Oils with droppers are an excellent choice because you can increase the dose slowly instead of being confined to an amount within a treat, tablet, or capsule. 

What might pet health problems CBD help manage?

CBD has indicated it can be beneficial for animals dealing with a wide range of health issues such as anxiety, pain relief, seizures, and inflammation. Using CBD for your pet’s health issues is all about the ECS, or endocannabinoid system. 

The goal of our ECS is to attain and keep the balance of all our bodily functions. It’s thought to be why CBD has so many health benefits. 

Remember, each pet’s ECS functions differently. Some animals may respond better to CBD than others. 


CBD may help with epilepsy in canines because it can help lower the seizure’s frequency when used in tandem with anti-seizure meds. 

Experts do not know why CBD is helpful for seizures, but it may inhibit nerves inside the brain from firing too much and could lower the number of electrolytes thought to play a role in seizure conditions. 

The FDA approved a prescription medication called Epidolex for Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and two seizure conditions are known to be severe. 

It is also OK’d for seizure treatment connected to tuberculosis sclerosis complex. However, such studies haven’t been completed on animals, so it’s not recommended to be used on animals.


Just like humans, many pets feel anxious and stressed, which can cause several annoying behaviors, such as urinating when not appropriate. However, CBD may ease nerves and offer calm feelings. CBD Oil for dogs can help your dogs with anxiety, stress, and better sleep. 

Experts feel this is because CBD activates the same parts of our brain as serotonin, the hormone that helps us enjoy feelings of relaxation and happiness. 


Once CBD gets absorbed by your pet’s body, it can help reduce inflammation and fight pain. While experts work to uncover what CBD properties truly fight pain, it is believed the cannabinoid affects our ECS and the other nerves that create pain. 

Specifically, studies indicate that lowering joint inflammation fights osteoarthritis pains and aches in pets.


We’ve learned that if your vet OK’s the use of CBD for your animal, you need to avoid items containing problem ingredients (such as sweeteners) and follow the dosing instructions to a T. 

Ultimately, you’ll need to discuss CBD for your pet with your veterinarian, especially a vet with experience using CBD for animals. 

Then, buy from a company that posts their CoAs for all to see.