ROM Tech’s Modern Rehabilitation Technology Treatment

ROMtech’s proprietary technologies provide medical technology advances in treating orthopedic disorders. ROM Technologies help patients to recover faster and more safely while enabling stunning recoveries from injuries and orthopedic disorders. 

Orthopedic physicians and surgeons can become part of the continued testing of the technology or just prescribe the technologies for patients who need them.

Understanding Common Orthopedic Disorders

Orthopedic physicians and surgeons specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and repairing orthopedic disorders. These disorders and injuries include medical problems in the musculoskeletal system like damaged bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. 

Doctors often attempt these repairs with nonsurgical treatments, but chronic conditions or extreme injuries require surgical intervention.

Some of the most common types of orthopedic injuries and disorders include:

• Types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

• Cubital tunnel syndrome

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Lateral epicondylitis, a.k.a. tennis elbow

• Epicondylitis, a.k.a. baseball player’s or golfer’s elbow

• Knee ligament and knee arthritis injuries.

• Bursitis

• Compression fractures of bones

• Tumors

• Chronic bone or joint pain

Design Contributes to Unparalleled Orthopedic Recovery

ROMTech uses continuous software adjustments to capitalize on improvements in recovery times and treatment efficiency. Each patient receives a customized telemed approach, and ROMTech Prescribe PortableConnect tailors each treatment plan to the individual patient.

Some of the engineering design is geared toward installing an integral feature that pulls the serial numbers from PortableConnects and makes it easy to integrate application functions and coordinate treatments. Built-in protections streamline the setup process to make PortableConnect even easier for users. 

The internal software automatically verifies, tests, and updates firmware remotely to ensure that all connected technology is constantly updated so that patients don’t need to worry about navigating software issues while undergoing treatment.

ROMTech engineers have concentrated on eliminating common software bugs that generate problems with the PortableConnect functions. These issues have been resolved, such as making the user interface more user-friendly. 

The app, which runs all PortableConnects devices, now features a demo mode that facilitates better and more accurate diagnostics while ensuring the optimal function of connected devices and their hardware and software.

Engineers also made changes in the clinician-facing platform that include introducing the telemedicine functions of Prescribe PortableConnects using a HIPAA-compliant video chat function to address quickly any physician questions or concerns.

Other new features of the new system include:

  • The screen-sharing feature that enhances the system’s telemedicine function during patient-physician consultations
  • A function that allows doctors to take control of the patient’s device to make real-time finely tuned adjustments based on a patient’s performance and activity
  • Continual refinements in manufacturing design, lower3ing the price of the technology, and enhancing physician profits
  • Reducing repetitive stress, operator fatigue, and assembly time
  • Increased durability of the Prescribe PortableConnect device
  • Redesigned AccuRadius, which is the device that adjusts the pedal radius

The latter refinement has proven extraordinarily effective in more than 5 million successful pedal-powered revolutions.

Other Key Improvements of ROM Technologies

The end of 2020 saw the need to reassess the system’s touch-screen controller because the manufacturer discontinued the chosen brand. ROMTech interpreted this problem as an opportunity to replace the onboard computer with its proprietary touchscreen. 

This improvement made it easier to connect with Bluetooth technology, reduced the system’s costs, and eliminated the future problem of components being discontinued.

The upgraded system was able to connect new components like the AccuStepTM step tracker and AccuAngle® knee-angle tracker. Additional changes included design changes to the Electrically Adjusting Pedal to provide a more comfortable fit and improved patient-use durability. 

They redesigned the tablet enclosure to improve the ease of using the touchscreen. This simple correction enables patients to work on teletherapy regardless of the PortableConnect function.

PortableConnect Technology Delivers Astounding Medical Benefits

The ROMTech PortableConnect technology is used by more and more orthopedic and non-orthopedic physicians based on ease of use for patients and doctors and the effectiveness of streamlined recovery times. Orthopedic surgeons have endorsed the technology at record levels by volunteering at a pilot testing site and prescribing the technology to critical patients facing severe trauma.

To manage the demand, ROMTech works tirelessly to troubleshoot technical glitches and optimize the efficiency of the rollout effort. The company also focuses on choosing the physicians with care. The primary qualification is the willingness of the physician and staff to provide regular feedback — from doctors, staff, patients, and other system stakeholders.

The adaptive home technology enables patients to recover from orthopedic medical disorders or surgery at home at an accelerated rate. Telemedicine plays a vital role as well as ROM Technologies. Forward-thinking and committed staff are critical to success. A supportive staff willingly works with patients on digital communication options when rolling out new features and options.

Revolutionary ROMTech System Empowers Patients and Physicians

The home-recovery system has revolutionized orthopedic recovery and rehabilitation by providing a faster, cheaper, and more accessible patient-to-use approach to recovery. According to the information posted on ROMTech’s website, patients can recover faster while enjoying greater mobility during rehabilitation. Patients frequently regain a more excellent range of motion, and more than 16,000 patients have been successfully treated using the technologies.

ROMTech was founded in 2016 in by current CEO Peter Am and Sanford Gomberg. Taking advantage of the concurrent developments in telemedicine, the company developed a safer, faster, and more convenient way for orthopedic patients to recover from the comfort of their homes. 

Previously, orthopedic patients needed prolonged stays at rehabilitation facilities or nursing homes or had to commute to clinics to use the devices needed for rehab.

The technology is based on simple principles: Patients recover faster at home, and doctors can now monitor their patients’ progress remotely. Doctors can check on their patients in real-time, handle a greater patient volume and provide greater personal attention.

As an ongoing therapy, the technology becomes ever more efficient as the programs are debugged and updated based on patient performance. The need for reliable third-party partners remains ongoing, but the fundamental development of the technology has surpassed the expectations of doctors and their patients.