Scam caller 9897955776: Put it Under Spam and Block


Customer protection has always been the topmost priority in every sphere. Most of the time, they are irritated by fake calls, etc. 

Scam number 9897955776 has given blow too many questions. But why? 

This blog is all about making people aware of scam numbers and their drawbacks. 

Is this number scam 9897955776? 

It’s common to face these scam numbers on the phone. They are mostly frauds or scams. It occurs when someone wants to reach you or uses the wrong digits. It’s suggested to ignore the call immediately. 

It was reported that the number is considered a Robokiller mostly used by thieves, criminals, and scammers. Sometimes it became difficult to block them. 

This is very frustrating, right? 

It’s better if you can avoid these calls by simple steps – 

  • Install a call blocker app on the phone 
  • Call blocker apps are beneficial 
  • Report the number on the phone 
  • Block the number 
  • Warn your friends and family about this scam number 9897955776. 
  • It’s crucial to protect yourself from scammers’ numbers. 

Who Owns this Number 9897955776?

Though it was proven the number is not valid or known by any company, it means it is a scam used for hijacking accounts or other wrong practices. It is suggested to ignore this number as it can pose a threat to customers. 

What to do to avoid calls from the spam number? 

  • You can take help on the national do not call list. You can call 1-888- 382 -1222 or 1-866- 290 -4236
  • You can call the same number 
  • Can also register at do not 
  • Don’t ever call back on that number 
  • you have to pay for that call 
  • Maybe it is an International number 
  • Scammers will get a chance to make money 

Why do spam calls on your phone? 

Spam number 9897955776. Did you receive a call from this? 

This is because of two reasons – 

  • The users no may be sold to scammers 
  • Scammers want to recognize you 
  • Scammers want to make money 
  • Calling them back will make your money waste. 

How is this scam number can be dangerous for your phone? 

These scam numbers are dangerous to attend because of two main reasons – 

  • Stealing your data 
  • They pretend to be loyal but are not engaged in fraud activities 
  • Use your personal information like bank accounts or anything 
  • Scam numbers can also hack your phone 
  • They will make you trust that they belong to loyal big companies like Apple and provoke you to install virus software that will automatically steal data from your phone. 

Things you should remember when this scam number calls? 

  • As you are aware this no is a scam, initiate blocking it 

Most of the time users are not aware of the number as they haven’t seen it before. It’s better to avoid picking it or simply block it. 

  • If you picked up the call, don’t follow any instructions especially related to password or account 

These scammers are cheaters who usually try to win users’ trust and make them follow instructions like asking for a bank account or credit card no. Don’t ever answer their questions, it will lead you to serious problems. 

  • You can call customer care to report the issue

Customer care is 24/7 available to answer queries of users. If not getting any solution it is advised to approach customer care. 


Technology can be a wonder and a curse both for your life. It is totally on you how you make use of technology in the most enhanced way to avoid errors and threats to your life. 

Technological innovations have paved the way for changes in communication, transportation, and modernity. It has also made people aware of the appropriate use of technology. Your safety is in your own hands be it in any physical or digital aspects.