Sea, Sun, and Safety: How Much Is Boat Insurance in Florida?

How Much Is Boat Insurance in Florida

The average American household spends over $72,000 each year. With so much going out, you have to be careful about what else you fit into your budget.

If you’re thinking of sailing around in the Sunshine State, knowing the cost of boat insurance in Florida is crucial. If the number floats comfortably in your budget, you can enjoy the water guilt-free. Keep reading to find out if your boat investment could sink your finances.

Cost of Boat Insurance in Florida

On average, boat insurance in Florida costs over $600 a year. It’s a bit higher than the insurance costs in other states.

Boat Insurance Cost for Different Boats

From fishing boats and sailboats to jet skis, each type of boat has unique features and operating mechanisms. This affects how much your repairs cost, resulting in various boat insurance rates. That rowdy jet ski or serene pontoon boat may have a higher insurance premium because they function differently than a dinghy, for example.

Does Boat Age Impact the Insurance Cost?

If you recently bought your boat from the shipyard, you might have to spend more on a boat insurance policy. Even though your new boat will likely require less maintenance, repairing it could cost more than fixing a boat that’s a few years old.

The Effect of Your Boating History

If you’re a boating veteran, you can get a lower boat insurance rate than someone who doesn’t have as many years behind them. Prove your experience with a captain’s license or maritime certificate. A well-documented logbook can also serve as strong proof of your hands-on experience.

What Does a Boat Insurance Policy Cover?

A typical boat insurance policy is all about covering the damage your boat may sustain. This could be damage caused by:

  • Collision
  • Bodily harm to a third party
  • Property damage

Even if your equipment gets stolen or your boat needs towing, your insurance policy typically takes care of it. It gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re covered should you encounter difficulties in water.

For more specifics, you’ll need the details of your particular insurance policy. If you’re still on the hunt for one, make sure you look for trusted Florida insurance quotes to understand the types of damage your policy will pay for.

Decreasing Insurance Claims

Beyond insurance, there are other ways you can safeguard your boat, reducing your need to file damage or repair claims.

Have you ever considered storing your boat indoors? Sure, it might be a costly option, but it significantly reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. Plus, since Florida is known for its hurricane season, having your boat inside or under a roof can help protect it from the elements.

Guard Your Investments

The cost of boat insurance in Florida is directly influenced by several factors. From the type of boat to its age, your boating history, and even your location, everything plays a part. But with some smart moves, you can manage these costs effectively while keeping your beloved boat safe and sound.

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