Signs Your Anesthesia Equipment Needs Repair

The anesthesia equipment industry could be worth around $16.26 billion by 2028, indicating the enormous value of these vital medical devices. If you’re investing in anesthesia equipment, you’ll want to keep it operating at peak efficiency.  

But how do you know if you need an anesthesia service for your equipment? While you’ll want to keep your devices in the best possible condition, you also won’t be keen to spend more money than necessary on maintenance services. 

This is why it’s crucial to know the signs to look out for, and by the end of this post, you’ll know all about some of the main indications that you need to book a professional service for your anesthesia equipment. 

Read on to find out more.

Low Anesthesia Machine Pressure

You may need a professional anesthesia machine service if your equipment has low pressure. In this scenario, it’s important to confirm the flow and oxygen sensors are correctly installed and that there are no cracks in the housing.

By checking all aspects of the machine circuits, a trained specialist with years of experience servicing anesthesia machines can isolate where the problem lies and fix the damage.

Incorrect Flowmeter Readings

If your flowmeter readings are incorrect you will likely need an anesthesia equipment service as most new sensors are now electronic. There could be debris stuck in your machine, causing the float to become stuck, and it’s good practice to have your equipment cleaned as soon as possible. 

You could also find there is a crack in the glass flow tube which has caused a leak. These gaps are not always easy to spot, and having a proper inspection performed can find any minuscule signs of damage. 

Worn Parts

You may notice signs of wear and tear when carrying out your daily anesthesia machine checks. For example, the rolling casters may not be moving as smoothly as before, or you may notice wires are beginning to look frayed. 

If you spot that your equipment is starting to look worn out, it’s best to book it in for anesthesia machine repairs with a qualified technician. 

Power System Issues

Worrying signs of power system issues could be a smell of burning or power cutting out. Screens could also go blank when they should be displaying information. These could be dangerous faults and you may want to organize urgent service maintenance for your anesthesia machines.

Book Your Anesthesia Service Appointment

While you should book regular anesthesia service for your equipment, there are other times when you might need an inspection carried out quickly. This could be the case if your machine has low pressure, or faulty flow meter readings. You may also notice your equipment has parts that are past their best, or that there are issues with the power supply.  

By staying on top of these problems, you can keep your anesthesia equipment in excellent condition and provide a high standard of patient care. 

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