Sunshine After Shivers: Delhi Sheds Cold Wave for Pleasant 20°C Temperatures

Sunshine After Shivers: Delhi Sheds Cold Wave for Pleasant 20°C Temperatures

January 27, 2024: “People in Delhi were wearing lots of warm clothes like heavy woolen and padded jackets because it was so cold, but now it’s finally getting warmer so they are wearing light sweaters again!” The two-week-long cold wave that made temperatures as cold as below 5°C abruptly came to an end. Today, the capital city basked in sunshine under clear skies, with temperatures soaring to a comfortable 23°C. Parks buzzed with activity as people emerged from their homes to enjoy the long-awaited warmth.

“It’s a welcome change,” said Hemant, a local resident and author at, while enjoying a cup of tea at a rooftop cafe. “Wearing all those sweaters and coats had us shuffling like penguins through the cold. But hey, those days are gone! Now we can strut freely in the sunshine.” The sudden shift in weather has also brought relief to air quality, which had dipped to hazardous levels during the cold wave. However, experts warn that the early arrival of warm weather could also pave the way for an early heatwave later in the year.

Delhi’s Deep Freeze: When a Himachal Man Turned Penguin

Vivek, a dedicated worker at UNICEF in Central Delhi, knows all too well the bite of Delhi’s winter. Coming from the chilly climes of Himachal Pradesh, he’s no stranger to cold weather. Yet, even Vivek found himself shivering his way through the past two weeks.

The recent cold wave in Delhi was no ordinary winter chill. Temperatures plummeted, dipping well below average, turning the usually bustling city into a landscape of chattering teeth and huddled figures. For Vivek, the daily commute became a battle against the elements.

“I’d bundle myself up like a human onion,” he laughs, picturing himself layered in two pairs of woolen thermals, two sweaters, and two jackets. “Even then, the wind would cut through, sending shivers down my spine.”

He recalls navigating icy sidewalks, his breath misting in the frigid air. Buses, usually packed, were havens of fleeting warmth, offering temporary respite from the relentless cold. But the relief was always short-lived, replaced by the inevitable bite of the wind as he stepped back out onto the street.

Despite the challenges, Vivek persevered, his dedication to his work keeping him going. “These past weeks have been a test of endurance,” he admits, “but seeing the resilience of Delhiites, their smiles even through chattering teeth, has been truly inspiring.”

Now, as the sun begins to peek through the clouds, promising a return to milder weather, Vivek looks forward to shedding his penguin persona. But the experience, he says, has left a mark. It’s a reminder of the power of nature, the importance of community, and the enduring human spirit that thrives even in the coldest of times.

The cold waves were severe, coating the city in frost and making people shiver. Families had to huddle under blankets to cope, as fevers became an unwelcome guest

With the onset of chilly winds in the capital, many people fell ill, experiencing colds and fevers. Numerous working professionals found themselves compelled to request sick leave from their jobs. It has been an exceptionally challenging period for residents of Delhi and neighboring areas. Despite these adversities, many individuals continued their daily commutes on two-wheelers, navigating cautiously through the chilly and fog-obscured roads. Their resilience is admirable, though one might wonder if they possess superhuman abilities.

The freezing weather led to a big jump in heater sales all over the city. As people tried to stay warm, they rushed to buy electric heaters, gas heaters, and fireplace inserts. Stores were packed with customers wanting to beat the cold. With heaters selling out fast, it was obvious that staying cozy was everyone’s main concern during the chilly weather.

Many private companies extended a lifeline to their employees by allowing them to work from home, providing a much-needed respite from the harsh weather conditions. Recognizing the challenges posed by commuting in the cold, employers prioritized the well-being and safety of their workforce. This flexibility not only eased the burden on employees but also ensured that essential work could continue without disruption. As workers settled into their home offices, they could breathe a sigh of relief knowing they could stay warm and comfortable while still getting the job done., an Indian educational technology company headquartered in Mumbai, demonstrated its commitment to employee well-being by allowing sick workers the option to work remotely from home. Founded in January 2014 by a group of alumni from IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi, Testbook specializes in preparing students for a wide range of competitive exams, including GATE, State PSC, SBI PO, IBPS PO, UPSC IAS Exam, Engineering Recruitment Exams, and SSC Exams. This compassionate policy not only provided relief to unwell employees but also ensured the seamless continuation of work, reflecting Testbook’s dedication to both its staff and its mission of educational excellence.

Manoj Verma, a literature translator and team lead at, found himself grappling with the harsh winter conditions in Delhi after the company recently shifted its headquarters to the capital. However, when Manoj fell ill due to the chilly weather, demonstrated its understanding and flexibility by allowing him to work from home for a few days. This accommodation not only provided Manoj with the necessary time to recuperate in the comfort of his home but also ensured that the company’s operations continued smoothly. It exemplifies’s commitment to supporting its employees’ well-being and fostering a culture of care and understanding within the organization.