Teaching Opportunities for Non-Degree Holders Abroad

Teaching Opportunities for Non-Degree Holders Abroad

If you think becoming a teacher is the right choice of career path for you, but lack a college degree, there’s no need to give up on your dreams of imparting your knowledge in the classroom. Over the past few years, an increasing number of employers have started placing more importance on candidates’ skills and experience rather than whether or not they have a degree during the recruitment process. Nowhere is that more true than when it comes to overseas teaching posts.

While most educational institutions in the UK and USA, among others, require their teaching staff to have a suitable degree, if you look further afield, you’ll find that there is a wealth of teaching opportunities overseas for non-degree holders. Here, we’ll take a look at the various elements of a Teaching English abroad without a degree and get an overview of the kind of roles you could undertake as you fulfil your ambitions.

Do I Need A Degree To Teach English Abroad?

There is still a common misconception that you have to have a degree in order to be a teacher anywhere in the world, however, that is certainly not the case. It’s true that, in some countries, a degree is mandatory to work in state-run schools or educational establishments, there are still plenty of other environments and settings in which you can teach legally without having been to university.

Some of these roles are open to candidates without any kind of educational qualification at all. However, if you want to maximise your options, you should certainly consider obtaining a TEFL certification. Not only will this give you a far greater variety of jobs to choose from, and a broader spectrum of countries around the world to which you can relocate, but it will also give you the valuable experience and skills you need to be a success in your teaching position.

Can I Be A Volunteer Teacher Without A Degree?

If you’re interested in teaching abroad, perhaps as a gap year project, and aren’t worried about making a living from your efforts, you can certainly be a volunteer teacher overseas with no degree. Many countries around the world welcome native English speakers, even those without qualifications, to teach their students English. From Ecuador to Indonesia, and from Guatemala to Nepal, there are plenty of locations across the globe that will embrace the opportunity to benefit from your language skills on a free-of-charge basis.

In many cases, if you join a volunteer teaching programme, you will be offered inclusive accommodation so you can experience the local culture and integrate fully into the local community. Of course, it’s also a rewarding use of your time. You can make a huge difference in your students’ lives while also gaining extremely valuable work experience.

Homestay Teaching

Another opportunity that may be open to you is the possibility of a teaching homestay. There are several websites where you can be matched with someone who wants to learn English in exchange for a bed in their home. This is a great way of travelling the world while gaining some useful teaching experience without being thrown into the deep end of teaching full classes of students.

Again, this option is usually unpaid, but you can benefit from free accommodation as well as all of your meals, and you’ll get the unique experience of being able to see your new home through a local’s eyes.

Online Teaching

One of the most popular options is teaching English online. This option allows you to enjoy the lifestyle of a digital nomad, allowing you to work and earn a living anywhere worldwide while doing a job that you love.

Of course, you could teach English online to students anywhere across the globe from the comfort of your own home if you wish. But many educators prefer to take advantage of the freedom that this career path offers by taking the opportunity of going travelling and exploring bucket list destinations while getting paid.

There are many online teaching organisations and companies that will accept English teachers with no degree, although if you have a TEFL certification, you’ll certainly stand in better stead. You’ll be able to choose your own schedule and fit your teaching commitments around you, giving you all of the flexibility you need to live your life to the fullest.

In-Person Classroom Teaching Overseas

You can even embark on a career as an overseas English teacher in a classroom setting, depending on where in the world you wish to move to. While many countries, especially in Europe, require professionals to have a degree and teaching experience, there are many more around the world that will willingly employ classroom teachers of English with little to no practical experience and without a degree.

Major cities worldwide tend to have language schools that will employ English teachers with all levels of experience, although if you have TEFL certification, you’re even more likely to be able to secure a role with one of these establishments.

Some of the best places to find a teaching job as a non-degree holder include in Cambodia, Argentina, Mexico, and Myanmar, all of which are keen to welcome English speakers as educational professionals, whether or not they have attended university.

Should I Take A No-Degree English Teaching Position Abroad?

If it’s your dream to be an English teacher overseas, there’s absolutely no need to put your ambitions on hold just because you haven’t got a college degree. There are plenty of ways in which you can teach abroad, even without having to go to university or obtain a degree qualification.

Whether you decide to volunteer as an English teacher abroad, work during a homestay, be an online English teacher, or obtain a role in a language school, you’ll find that the world is your oyster when you embrace the possibilities that being an overseas educational professional can open up. However, with a TEFL certification, you’ll have even more opportunities to choose from, placing a far greater breadth of job options at your fingertips.