<strong>The Benefits of Low-Salt Starter Fertilizer </strong>

Credit: aleksandarlittlewolf Via Freepik

As the name suggests, the main advantage of low-salt starter fertilizer is that it reduces the amount of salt that enters your soil. Consequently, to understand the importance of using a low-salt starter fertilizer, you must consider why you would desire less salt in your soil. You’ll also want to know why you should use a starter fertilizer rather than start with a standard option. 

Why Reduce Salt? 

Your ability to get the maximum benefit while growing crops depends on many factors. One of the most crucial of these regards the eco-system of your soil. Perhaps the most significant challenge that farms face when too much salt builds up in the soil is called soil compaction. If your earth is suffering from compaction, it becomes more difficult for plants to absorb nutrients through their roots. 

What is Starter Fertilizer? 

Starter fertilizers are designed to be used in the initial stages of plant growth and, as such, promote fat and healthy development during this time. Given that plants are most vulnerable at these early stages of growth, providing them with the best care possible is vital – including a low-salt starter fertilizer. 

Avoiding High Salt Fertilizers  

Many commercial fertilizers contain a high amount of salt. The problem with this is that high-salt fertilizers contain too much salt to allow for proper drainage for the soil to become clear of this extra salt. The result is that there will be leftover salt in your soil at the end of each growing season. 

The Problem with Accumulation

This may not seem like an enormous problem initially, especially if your crops seem to respond well regarding yield. However, the long-term result will be that the salt in your soil will accumulate year after year as a small amount remains behind at the end of each growing season. Eventually, this situation will result in a soil salt toxicity level that is unbearable to growth.

Long Term Benefits

When you choose a low salt option in farm fertilizer, there are many benefits you stand to gain. The lower salt content in the soil will lead to an increase in microbial activity, which will promote better nutrient cycling and fertility. As nutrients become more available in the ground, they will be easier to be absorbed by plant roots, resulting in better growth overall. With the eventual removal of extra salt in your soil, the general health of your soil will improve.

Cost Benefits

Any change you make in your ability to promote soil health and better productivity will result in long-term cost benefits on a farm. While purchasing low salt starter fertilizer presents an initial cost, this should be viewed in a similar light to any purchase that you make to improve your yields. After all, higher yields will result in higher profits, so any change you make towards such benefits will be well worth the cost. 

If you’re looking to achieve a greater record of success at the early stages of the life of your crops, try a low-salt starter fertilizer.