The types of men’s denim looks to rock this season

In any man’s wardrobe, denim pants are a must-have item. Which mens jeans and denim style should you go for out of all the options? How about black or blue? A light or a dark wash? Is distressing still in trend? Does it matter whether the jeans have a selvedge or not? By spotlighting three denim jeans styles, let’s make finding the right pair easier for you.

A sports coat, button-down shirt and brown dress shoes dress it up; a t-shirt and sneakers tone it down. In a variety of ways, dark blue jeans may be worn for a variety of events. A slender, dark pair will be timeless and fashionable from season to season, no matter what the weather is like where you live.

Thanks to the dark wash, this pair of jeans looks excellent on everyone. If you’re petite or hefty, this hue hides your legs better than any other. If you have a slender or medium-sized frame, go for a slim fit. Slim-fit jeans taper slightly from the knee to the ankle to embrace your thighs, knees, and calves. The tapered leg fit is ideal for guys with bigger body types since it offers extra leeway in the upper legs to balance your body’s proportions.

Jeans with a vintage wash

A more subtle wash characterizes these mid-blue denim jeans, also known as vintage wash jeans. They look fantastic with tees, sweatshirts, and shoes for a laid-back look. To dress them up for a brighter casual style, you may wear them with a casual button-down shirt and boots ending up with a polished yet more relaxed approach.

Jeans with a black denim wash

A pair of black denim jeans are an excellent alternative to dark blue denim. They may be worn up or down, but wearing them up can be fun. Have a drink with friends in the afternoon? A shirt, bomber jacket, and Chelsea boots are all you need for this look. You’ll always seem put together no matter what you’re up to.

Exactly how do men’s jeans need to be fitted?

A pair of well-fitting jeans is the most critical factor in achieving a polished appearance. You want your pants to be just right, neither too tight nor too baggy. Below are a few words on how to tell whether your denim pants are a good fit:

  • With no surplus fabric, they should fall and drop on your shoes.
  • The crotch region should be snug, mainly while you’re seated.
  • You don’t want your back pockets to sit too low — you want the pockets to fit snugly around your behind.

Your denim jeans will not seem fashionable if you do not wear them in the correct size and shape. Having a pair of jeans that don’t fit properly might make you seem older than you are! As though you were wearing a pair of formal pants, evaluate the fit of your jeans. Observe how they fit around your thigh and how tapered they are.


If you’re going for a more informal, street-style vibe, distressed or torn jeans are also an option. For a more edgy appearance, pair them with a pair of statement sneakers or chunky boots, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket. If starting from scratch with your mens jeans and denim collection, steer clear of the distressed look in favour of more traditional silhouettes for a look that will never go out of style. People generally predict that they will be fashionable for a very long time.