Things to consider before buying iPhone 11

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is specifically different from any other android phone from its shape and core. Every year, apple rolls out of iPhones with new flagship chipsets.The performance of this phone is too much better than any other mobile phone in the market. It is truly well designed although it shares its core DNA with last year’s iPhones XR. The products of Apple are expensive than any other gadgets. So you need to take extra care of them. If you own a iPhone 11, you should buy a cover for it. You can purchase iPhone 11 covers online and offline market.


The front has a corning gorilla glass.This mobile has 6.1inch display and 64/128/256GB ROM/RAM. Here rare camera is 12mp×12mp. iPhone 11 delivers superior performance,high end video recording quality and superb battery life. The software coverage of this phone is up to 5-6year straight.It has best in class design, performance,software and camera.

At first we consider that the iPhone 11 is most popular phone in all over the world. The storage option of this phone is too much better than any other phone. It has a burst texture to it that prevents any marks. On the plus sight, the phone is technically enhances grip and usability.The dual camera set up looks stunning.There is a volume rocker and silent switch on process.The wide angel and ultraWide angle lenses both work in video made as well.

The iPhone 11 supports extended dynamic range when capturing video up to 60 frames per second and optical image stabilization is available for video shot using the standard wide angel camera. An audio zoom features is designed to match audio to the video framing for better sound when filming a video on the iPhone.It aimed that improving indoor photos and photos taken in medium lighting.

New light mode turns automatically in low lighting condition and there is no need to flash with it.when you are in an area with lightening the camera takes multiple images while optical image stabilization works to steady the lens. The wild angel and ultra wild angel lenses both work in video mode as well.The iPhone 11 shoots 4k video at 60 frames per second with both lenses. 

The ultraWide camera can capture four times more scene for better action shots.Face id is the biometric authentication system used in the iPhone 11.The true depth camera system has been improved with new hardware. It is faster than before and able to work from a wider range of angles. 

So it is more efficient and quicker than a previous model of apple iPhones.Face id is inferred so it worksas low light and dark with build and flood. There is  always adequate light to take a facial scan. Face id works with hats, beard, glasses, sunglasses, scarves etc. and all other accessories and items that might partially obscure a face.

Picture quality of iphone 11

When we want to buy a mobile at first, we consider the picture quality of this type of mobile which I want to buy. Day time photos are where the iPhone 11 applies its magic, producing the best shots possible for its range.

Smart HDR takes the shots ahead where faces are more recognizable.There is no edge distortion as the software takes it off. Portrait mode on the iPhone is its strongest suit.The subject separation and lighting effect on the portrait shot are rather brilliant.

Why this is more preferable for us:

We want good quality things with deep interest.A smart phone is the most important part in our busiest life. 

Smart phone uses every part in our life like school, college, office, etc. So when we contemplate to buy a new phone we must be conversant about battery service of our mobile phone.


The phones come with a 5w charger bundle with a retail box. Note that if if compare it with any android smart phone it will see to get it has a tiny battery since the average battery size now-a-days on android is above 4000mah.

It says the charging speed is capped for the long life of the battery. So it offers wearless charging as well.

SIM Slot 

Dual sim supports which allow two sim number to be used at one time is included in the iPhone 11. Dual sim function is enabled  through the inclusion of one physical nano sim slot and an e sim. 

These features are available in many countries in the supports bluetooth and which offers longer range and faster speed.It has all glass body and 6.1inch is available in six colours like black, green, red, purple, yellow,white.There is no water damage device.


iPhone 11 is much better than any other mobile. Overall, iPhone 11 is super smooth when it comes to its performance and don’have any doubt about it. It is very easy to use.This includes new air tag features, loss less and spatial audio support for apple music…In good light and the image should be relatively clear.