Tips and Tools to Help You Track the Effectiveness of Your Self-Storage Marketing Efforts 

Working in the self-storage industry is the next hot thing. It’s no surprise that business has been booming more than usual. And entrepreneurs and investors are eagerly tapping into the potential of self-storage in USA.

The demand for the top self-storage companies is extremely high. It seems that there’s always someone who needs to rent a storage space every day. But lately, self-storage business owners have been investing more into their marketing strategies in an effort to reach a larger audience.

If you aren’t keeping close track of your marketing campaigns and conversion rates, you’re really missing out. These are great insights that you can use to improve your business strategy and become one of the best self-storage companies. Plus you can track your activities to figure out how to best use your budget sustainably.

So how exactly can you keep tabs on all this data to see how effective your self-storage marketing is? Lucky for you, gathering and studying your marketing insights is easy with the following tips and tools. Let’s explore more about them.

Here are Some Great Tips and Tools to Keep Track of the Effectiveness of Your Self-Storage Marketing 

Online Tracking

Nowadays you can find every business operating online. There are so many opportunities to increase your reach and drive sales on the internet. So having a website for your self-storage company is a must.

However, you cannot just set up your website and let it be. Besides showcasing your products, you can also weaponise your website to gain valuable insights. This way you can grow to compete against the largest self-storage companies in Edmonton with the help of a few popular marketing tools.

  • Google Analytics: If you want to study your business data on a microscopic level, you definitely need Google Analytics. It helps you can a deeper insight into your self-storage audience. The latest version of this tool is called GA4 and offers so many new benefits. One of them includes the option to integrate Google’s advertising platforms to boost your campaign performance.
  • Google Search Console: You can also use this tool to understand how your website appears to potential clients on Google. This will give you the feedback you need to make improvements and stand out from the rest of the storage companies in Edmonton.
  • Google Ads: You can combine Google Ads with a conversion tracking tool to see how well your campaigns are generating leads, sales and more.
  • Urchin Tracking Module: Have you ever wondered what your audience thinks about when they come across your website or campaigns? Well, now you can use this tracking tool to understand audience behaviour and online reactions. It proves very detailed insights into these factors. So you can leverage the data to determine which campaigns and platforms are bringing in the most traffic.

Additionally, most of the best self-storage companies also leverage e-mail marketing to expand their reach. Demographics, location and purchase history are just a few of the insights you can use to sharpen up your e-mail marketing.

Integrated Tracking

There are tons of ways to go about traditional offline marketing. For starters, many top self-storage companies use billboards, pamphlets, television, radio spots and more. 

Sure, you can use surveys or referral codes to find out how well these marketing tactics are doing. But it is easier to track your marketing performance with these tools online:

  • Branded Links

A great way to track the marketing progress of your self-storage in USA is with custom URLs. You can add them to business cards, promotional products, billboards, banners, vehicle wraps and more. The best way to keep taps of your performance is to add unique URLs on each so that you can identify which one works best.

But that’s not the only benefit of using branded links. If you want to alter a promotional offer, all you have to do is to update the landing page. The printed URL won’t need to be changed at all.

This helps you stick to your original marketing budget since you won’t have to pay for costly so-overs or replacements. And the best part is that you can seamlessly connect the links to online tracking tools to gain valuable insights.

  • QR Codes

In case you haven’t heard, QR codes are back and they’re here to stay. Many storage companies in Edmonton are now using QR codes as an important part of their offline marketing strategy. They are extremely convenient and can be scanned to link to all kinds of promotions and services.

QR codes are either static or dynamic. If you want to use them to track your self-storage in USA, you’ll find that dynamic QR codes are more flexible. Dynamic codes will take you to a landing page once you scan in. Plus you’re free to change the landing page as often as you like without altering the original QR code.

You can use Google Analytics to keep tabs on all your codes and links. But most QR code provider platforms also offer dashboards that provide more detailed data.

Align Insights With Goals

Each self-storage marketing strategy comes with its own set of tracking and analysis. So it is very important to take the time out to see how the data aligns with your self-storage business strategy goals. 

Whether your marketing is targeting an online or offline audience, you should set objectives for each campaign. Then with the help of these tools, you can find out how well you achieved those goals.

Some important metrics you should keep in mind include return, reach, frequency, conversion rate and more.


There has never been a better time to work in the self-storage industry. But if you want to stand out from the rest and be one of the best self-storage companies out there, you have to make your business known.

We’re sure you have some great marketing tactics up your sleeve to pull this off. But that’s not where your marketing strategy should end. It is also very crucial to assess whether your tactics are making the desired impact.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and leverage these tips and tools to take your self-storage business to the next level.