Girls just want to have fun; the saying cannot be truer. You want to explore the nightlife and see what the city has to offer. So, put on your dancing shoes and head for the party. People usually have a great time partying. But, at times, you may wonder what other things you might do when out with the girls. Going to the same bars every weekend might get tiresome. You find the same old guys hitting on you, which is no fun. That is why you must plan before heading out to the street. Continue reading to find interesting ways to spend the girls’ night out.

Planning Is The Key

When you don’t know where you are going, you are lost. So, make sure you know where your destination is; there can be multiple destinations you may visit a night. Maybe there’s a spot in town you always wanted to visit but never did because it is far from your house. This time make that spot the first (if not the only) destination you visit. Make sure you tick off your checklist and make the night happen.

  • Plan whether you want to go out and have drinks or want to have a proper dinner. If you want food, go to a place that serves great food and not just drinks. For example, you may check out Mango’s Miami, where you will find great entertainment along with delicious food.
  • If you have vegans in your group, make sure you pick a restaurant that serves great vegan dishes along with your regular food items.
  • If you want to hit multiple spots while out in the town, check the traffic scene so that you are not stuck inside a cab for most of the night. Also, select different routes to avoid heavy traffic.

Karaoke Night

Who doesn’t love Karaoke? Everyone does. What fun it would be to hang out with your girlfriends at a karaoke bar! You can sing your hearts away and maybe get a standing applause from the crowd. Singing is always more fun when you have a drink in your hand. You feel more loosened up and connected to the rhythm of the music. So, look for a bar that hosts a karaoke event.


Do you remember how fun bowling was? People hardly go bowling these days. But just because it is not on trend doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. So, put on your bowling shoes and get ready to knock some pins. You can have pizza and soft drinks while you play the game. So many young adults now look for nostalgic events they can participate in. If you are looking for the good old days, take your girl gang to a bowling arena.

Spa & Makeover

Remember when you played makeover games in your room? Well, now you can get a makeover at a spa retreat. What can be more fun than a relaxing spa and afterward getting a haircut? The makeover night is more fun when you spend the day with your girlfriends. You can go to a nail salon and get your nails done. When you care for your appearance, you feel great about yourself. So, it is a fun activity to do with your friends.