Top Custom Curtain Wall Manufacturers 2022

Curtain wall systems are frequently used commercially and are popular in modern architecture.

In addition, curtain wall systems are becoming increasingly popular among business proprietors thanks to their many practical benefits. It’s a solution advised by commercial glaziers and is a viable choice by many.

Below, we’ll go through the curtain wall systems’ top manufacturers.

JMA Aluminum

When it comes to curtain wall manufacturing, JMA Aluminum has been a leader in the industry since 1993. They put in curtain wall systems that are up to code and look great.

JMA Aluminum is an aluminum profile company that delivers a superior product and backs it up with excellent service and real-world know-how for their clients. Dedicated entirely to satisfying customers by meeting their curtain wall needs, regardless of brand.

The installation teams that work for them full-time have years of expertise and are very well-trained. They are experts at installing curtain walls in any setting, from historic homes to modern skyscrapers.

All crew members are qualified experts who have passed rigorous tests and received formal safety education.

AluK (GB)

With years of experience and dedication to creating novel solutions, AluK has become an industry leader in the design and production of various aluminum building systems.

In addition to providing high-quality goods, AluK also provides the support and services necessary for a project’s ultimate success.

Since its inception in 1994 in the UK, the company has consistently provided clients with building systems of unmatched quality, far beyond the bar set by current and future regulations regarding energy savings, safety, and performance.

EC Contracting, Inc.

EC Contracting is a seasoned commercial, industrial, and construction management contractor. Their commitment to quality, honesty, and professionalism defines their commercial enterprise. They can install curtain walls, storefronts, metal panels, windows, sun shades, mirrors, doors, interior glass, handrails, waterproofing, smoke baffles, and design builds.

They’re a contracting firm with 25 years of experience installing whatever kind of glass you need for your job, whether a new replacement or repair.

A-Porcel Storefront Supplier

A-Porcel’s mission is to satisfy its clients with excellent service and high-quality products. Their top concern is ensuring their customers are happy, so they focus on prompt communication, reliable shipping, low prices, helpful service reps, and positive company culture.

Since 1984, A-Porcel has been a reliable supplier for the curtain wall and glazing market. Their current ownership and management team has been serving the glass and glazing sector, storefronts, window walls, and curtain wall business with veneer and insulated panels, storefront tubing, acrylics and doors, and related storefront products since 1984.

Omega-Ply is a brand of construction panels made by Laminators Inc., and A-Porcel is the only distributor of these products. These panels are used for exterior cladding, storefronts, and curtain wall systems.

A-Porcel and YKK AP have joined forces to offer you their high-quality tubes and doors at affordable costs. Regarding engineering solutions for entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, and windows, YKK delivers and uses only the best materials and technology.

Ross Window Corp.

Ross Window Corp. has been around for a while; its founding year was 1956, and it’s now been run by three generations of innovators. Ross Window Corp. is well recognized as a market leader due to its expertise in installing premium glass, aluminum, windows, and metal panels.

In addition, they take great satisfaction in being innovative regarding their product range, expertise, and skills. Still, they remain committed to the same standards of dependability, value, and loyalty towards clients that have defined the business for the previous half-century.

Whether your project calls for a more classic or modern approach, Ross Window Corp. will do the job without a hitch. They provide various options from reputable manufacturers, and they’re dedicated to adopting a model that works within limited budgets while still satisfying building codes and aesthetic requirements. In addition, they take great delight in their work and pay close attention to every detail as they carry out their tasks.

Ross Window Corp. values fostering and maintaining meaningful connections with its clientele. Staying abreast of cutting-edge innovations in products and services allows them to serve their customers better.

Suffolk Plate Glass and Mirror, Inc.

Suffolk Glass is family-run. Since 1977, they have been proud to meet all their curtain wall requirements. They are experts in glass installation, replacement, and repair for homes, businesses, and vehicles.

They have mastered the art of curtain wall manufacturing and replacement through years of experience and intensive training. They guarantee quick and professional service using only the finest materials. Their top goal is to make sure their customers are happy.