Top facts about Caribbean medical universities for international students

Top facts about Caribbean medical universities for international students

If you are an aspiring doctor, then your first step toward your goal has to be picking the right medical school. Although U.S. medical schools have been a popular choice for a while now, Caribbean medical schools have recently become a preferred option for medical students.

This is because getting into a medical school in the U.S. is very difficult as even capable students with a good academic record often fail to crack the stringent admission requirements. According to data collected by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), only 36% of the total students who applied to U.S. medical schools managed to gain admission. 

Opting for a Caribbean university, on the other hand, may be better as they tend to take a more holistic approach to admission and assess students on various factors, taking into account their drive and determination to work in the field of medicine. 

Caribbean medical schools for international students 

The Caribbean islands are home to some highly reputed medical schools and have many international students studying there from various different countries including the U.S. and Canada. 

Many of these graduates are even working in U.S. hospitals as a high number of international graduates are part of the American healthcare system. Caribbean medical students get to enjoy many favorable attributes that are part of the medical education system on the island. 

While studies and living costs in the Caribbean are much more affordable than in the U.S., medical education is in no way compromised and offers the same high quality of learning. 

There are various different reasons that contribute to the growing popularity of Caribbean medical school and makes them such an ideal choice for international students. 

Interesting facts about Caribbean medical schools: 

Less competitive and rolling admission 

Just like every other medical school, the ones on Caribbean islands also have admission prerequisites that students are required to meet. Though, along with good academic background, the admission committee here is also focused on assessing students on other parameters. This includes how determined students are and how driven they are towards committing themselves to this demanding career. Additionally, they have rolling admission, which means you don’t have to get stressed about missing out on the admission date. You can simply apply any time of the year. 

Clinical rotations 

Another important feature of the Caribbean medical schools is that they offer clinical rotations which are an essential part of medical education. During this time, students are given the chance to witness how doctors diagnose and treat patients inside a hospital. Medical students are supervised throughout and get to interact with medical experts, learn the requirements of this career, and also understand how to deal with patients, their family members, and other experts. Students at Caribbean medical schools offer clinical rotations in the U.S. which is very useful in the long run for those who are planning to practice medicine in the U.S. 


Residency is on-the-job training from the medical perspective and is essential for every aspiring doctor. Many recognized Caribbean medical schools have a high rate of students finding residency placement which adds to their popularity and reputation.