Top Treats from the Culver’s Menu

Culver’s is a relatively newer burger brand in the fast-food industry, since they only launched their first location in 1984. But the brand grew bigger quickly, and now they’re spread across 25 states with more than 800 locations. 

Many who have visited a Culver’s location have returned, since the menu has lots of options that are sure to make you an instant fan of the Culver’s brand. But you do have to make sure that you start with the best menu items here, before you try out the more questionable options. 

To help you out, here are some items on the menu that will certainly gain your approval:

The “Original” ButterBurger

This the burger that has made the Culver’s brand among the top contenders in the burger fast-food industry. It stands out even in a lineup that includes burgers from McDonald’s, Whataburger, Five Guys, and even the In-N-Out Burger. 

You can have this burger with a single patty, and up to 3 patties if you can handle them. But despite the name, there’s actually no butter in the burger meat. The “butter” in the name is due to the butter on the bun, and then they toast the bun perfectly to get you that ideal texture. 

The original recipe comes with toppings such as mustard, ketchup, onions, and pickles. But it’s not a bad thing to add some cheese to this. After all, Culver’s did start out in the very heart of Wisconsin, and that’s the home ground of the cheeseheads. The value basket is $3 more, and that gives you a medium classic side and a medium soft drink.   

Wisconsin Cheese Curds

As we’re on the topic of cheese, let’s get right on the Wisconsin Cheese Curds. This may very well be the absolute best cheese curds you’ll ever find, even if there aren’t all that many cheese curds options in the fast-food industry. This is one item that has to be part of a real fast-food fan’s bucket list. 

They make these by combining white and yellow cheddar cheese, which they get straight from a Wisconsin dairy farm. They set them into bite-sized pieces, then they deep-fry them until they’re gold in color and properly crunchy. 

Fans say that to eat this right, you should first pull each piece apart. Appreciate the gooey goodness first, before you pop each piece into your mouth. 

North Atlantic Cod Dinner

There’s a rule in fast-food that you should only order a certain type of food in a place that specializes that particular type of food. That means you get steak from a steak house, pizza from a pizza parlor, burger from a burger joint, and seafood from a seafood restaurant. 

This North Atlantic Cod Dinner is proof that this rule doesn’t always hold, because no one’s saying that Culver’s is a seafood restaurant. But on the other hand, Culver’s is regarded by some as the absolute best brand for comfort food, and this option qualifies. It comes with a warm roll and a couple of sides, and it’s just a relaxing feast. 

It comes with several pieces of golden cod, which they have cut, battered, and fried all by hand. Unlike other seafood treats, this one isn’t greasy at all. This makes it easy to focus on the lovely flavor of the fish, which seems to taste even better after every bite. It does help that the tartar sauce they use here is exceptional, as it really brings out the flavor of the fish. 

Onion Rings

Many say that no list of the best onion rings in the fast-food industry will be complete without the Culver’s Onion Rings. In fact, quite a few say that this is the best onion rings of them all. 

One likely reason why the other onion rings aren’t as good is that the other brands make do with onion flavoring or onion paste to make their onion rings. But with Culver’s, you get the genuine article, cut from whole onions. They won’t even fry the onions until they get the order for one. 

You get a flavorful batter that contains spices such as paprika. It’s so delicious that you don’t have to really dip the onion rings in mustard or ketchup. Taste one as is, and it’s already terrific. 

Wisconsin Swiss Melt

Again, we come with a cheesy item (in a literal sense, and not in “tacky” sense). The Swiss cheese used here is wonderfully gooey, and it’s certainly not lacking in flavor. Then you have the terrific rye bread, which is lots better than the sourdough bread alternative. Here, they butter the rye bread first before they grill it.

Add the fresh (and never frozen) grilled beef along with the grilled red onions, and it’s a real winner. 

Blueberry Cobbler Concrete Mixer

“Concrete Mixer” doesn’t sound very nice, but that’s just what they call their frozen custard. Whatever you call it, it’s a great dessert with the sweetness of the rich vanilla custard mixing nicely with the tart blueberries while the crunchy granola clusters give you the terrific texture. It’s a great way to finish off your Culver’s dining adventure!