Types of Clothing Accessories

Clothing accessories accentuate the wardrobe and enhance particular aspects of your outfit. Knowing about the types of clothing accessories that you can wear will help you upgrade your style. You can mix the outfits with various accessories to have multiple options without purchasing new clothes. 

Types of Clothing Accessories To Get



Bags are one of the easiest accessories to get.  They are not only fashionable but they are practical as well. You can carry all your makeup, wallet, phone, and other stuff in your bag. 

You also have a wide range of options in terms of the type of bag to use. You can carry a shoulder bag, a crossbody bag, clutch bag, belt bag, backpack, or tote bag. These bags should complement the color of your outfit. 

You have to keep in mind, though, that not all bags are suitable for all occasions. A backpack is never an option for evening wear. Clutches are not used during morning jogs or travel. 



Another accessory that you can invest in is a pair of shoes or sandals. Footwear actually may make or break your whole wardrobe. You can have a good pair of blouses and pants but if the shoes do not blend well with your overall color scheme, it may take away the attention from you and push their eyes to look toward your shoes. 

Some of the footwear that you can choose include flip flops, sandals, sneakers, boots, heels, or flats. As you pick your shoes or boots, you should also consider picking the right length and color of your socks. 

Hair accessories


Most women choose to wear their hair up on some occasions while others like to keep their hair flowing naturally over their shoulders. Either way, you need hair accessories to add style to your look. You can place hairpins, hair clips, ribbons, scarves, headbands, and scrunchies to modify your look based on the theme of your dress. 



Beads are now coming back as a wardrobe accessory. To be real, it has always been used as an accessory on various occasions. It is just that there are events like Coachella where beads are the main theme of the outfit. Because of the massive return of this style, you can purchase resin, glass, and  wooden beads bulk in amount so that your friends can also style themselves with these beads. 



Hats are not only stylish but they are also useful especially during the day when the sun is high. Dresses and casual outfits mostly fit with visors, fedoras, and sunhats. Baseball caps are used mainly for exercise or lifestyle walks. 



Jewelry can give an accent to the wearer. A pair of gold diamond earrings brighten up the face. A simple dress will look more elegant with the addition of bracelets and rings. A choker or pendant also offers subtle accents to the overall look. 



You have thick and thin belts. Various colors of belts as well as materials in which they are made also make the choices better. You should look in the mirror and see what you look like with and without the belt. You do not want too much attention on the belt and less attention on you. 



For some, prescribed eyeglasses are needed during day-to-day work and leisure. Others wear different eyewear just to complete the whole look. Pick eyewear that fits the shape of your face. 


Clothing, as well as clothing accessories, are both an expression of oneself in terms of fashion. Purchasing dresses, belts, and jewelry should be done if you think you can save money in the long run. At the end of the day, it is all about being creative with your day-to-day outfit and being comfortable with what you wear.