LG home theatre in India

TV is an excellent product to bring a family together for entertainment purposes. Watching a Television show or a great movie or live sports events in a cosy home theatre system is undoubtedly an enjoyable family activity. 

If you are looking for the best home theatre for your home, it can be a daunting task to pick one as markets are flooded with the tremendous number of variations available for Home Theatres. 

To avoid all these complications, you can go for a product from a reputed brand like LG. LG home theatres are of excellent quality, and LG ensures fantastic after-sales service to their users.

You must be aware of the various components and other factors related to a home theatre system before buying the best LG home theatre for your requirements.

Various Important Parts of the LG home theatre system

  • A/V (audio/video) receiver

An A/V receiver is regarded as the heart of your LG home theatre system. It will process, then amplify and finally transmits sound to your speakers. The typical receiver will house a built-in sound system decoder that transforms all audio inputs into surround sound. You must remember that a high-wattage receiver unit produces high-quality sound compared to low-wattage variants, even at low or medium volumes.

  • Speaker And Subwoofer

On the one hand, speakers are designed to produce a range of frequencies, whereas subwoofers generate the ‘bass effect’ through low-frequency sound. If you’re a music lover or an audiophile, you already know that the quality of audio can enhance or ruin your content-watching experience. Take your sweet time choosing the correct LG speaker system that matches your budget, requirements and room size.

  • Media Players And Recorders

Media players, such as DVD and Blu-ray players, can be synced with compatible TVs to enhance the experience of watching an array of disc-based and online content. You can opt for 3D, ultra HD capable, and intelligent LG media players that offer many future-fit features and functions across multiple content formats.

Your Room Size

Some LG home theatre systems come with really huge speakers. The point here you need to understand, depending on your room’s design, size, and style preferences, analyse which speaker size you need from a decor perspective, and this will also drive your receiver choice.

Types of Speakers

LG home theatre speakers come in a combination of sizes and shapes, offering you the option of matching and mixing models across your room.

  • Bookshelf speakers

As the name symbolises, these bookshelf speakers are compact and designed to handle high-end and mid-range frequencies. They can also be mounted on the wall for better aesthetic looks.

  • Floor-standing speakers

These LG Floor-standing speakers can manage a range of frequencies and comes in various sizes.

  • In-ceiling and in-wall speakers

These LG speakers are designed to place them into the ceiling or wall, channelling a pared-back and sleek look.

Easy installation

The installation process of many of the best home theatres can be a little complicated, and if easy-to-install is the standard you are looking forward to, we will suggest you opt for an LG home theatre in a box. Thus, going for an LG home theatre-in-a-box is a good option in such cases since they come with everything included and is easy to put together.


LG home theatres in India can be bought at various prices, with basic LG 2.1-channel models starting as low as Rs 4500 and more high-end, sophisticated LG home theatre systems featuring up to six-figure price tags. You get a huge range and designs of LG home theatres to choose from to fit your budget, and it’s totally up to you to draw to narrow it down to the product that best suits your requirements.

With the help of the above guide, you can purchase a suitable home LG home theatre for your home. Of course, you’ll need to keep the above pointers in mind to understand which model or configuration will be the best home theatre system for your needs and can enhance the experience.

The classic way of purchasing your latest LG home theatre system

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The best part of the EMI Store experience is that you can conveniently return the amount of your favourite LG home theatre over a flexible tenor of 3-24 months.

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