Using Rice for a Wet Phone: Fact or Fiction?

Over 85 million Americans damaged their phone in some way in 2020. Some of those could be repaired, and some could not. One of the most common causes of a broken phone is water damage.

If you drop your phone in water, many people will tell you to put it in rice. But does that actually work?

Read on to find out about the facts when it comes to using rice for a wet phone.

Does the iPhone Rice Method Work?

While rice can work to prevent certain types of phone water damage, it doesn’t work in every case. You need to be careful when trying to use rice to reverse water damage.

Particles from the rice can get into your phone and make things worse. It’ll absorb the water, but it might cause other problems for your phone, like clogging up your charging port.

Rice essentially asks as a desiccant in this situation. But, rice isn’t the best desiccant for drying out your phone. Silica balls, which you might find in a small package, are a better choice if you have enough on hand.

It’s important to note that some experts now believe that the wet phone rice method is entirely a myth, and will only make damage to your phone worse. But in a lot of cases, you may not have anything to lose by sticking your phone in some rice.

However, there are other, more effective ways you can save your phone when it’s wet. Vacuum drying is a new method, but it’s been shown to work.

No matter what, don’t turn on or plug in your phone before you’re absolutely certain it’s dry. Restoring the flow of electricity before the circuits are dry is what will fry your phone.

It’s also important to dry your phone as fast as possible. If you leave your phone sitting in water, it’s possible that the different components can rust, and your phone will be broken even when it’s dry. But you also shouldn’t just blast your phone with a hairdryer. That could end up with you melting something you didn’t want to melt.

How to Protect Your Phone

The best strategy for keeping your phone dry is to take active measures to protect it. Having the right cases for cell phones will prevent them from getting drenched if you drop them in water.

For example, you can take a look at these Samsung cases if you have an Android. You can also use a screen protector.

If you’re on vacation and you’re near a body of water, you’ll want to take extra measures. Try throwing your phone in a plastic bag to prevent any splashback.

Using Rice for a Wet Phone: Now You Know

Clearly, using rice for a wet phone can work, but it all depends on the specific situation that you’re in. If you’re not sure, take your phone into a repair center and see what they recommend.

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