5 Easy Ways to fix Van9003 Error on Valorant

VAN9003 Error Valorant

Van9003 error is the most heard error by users these days. Digital games are on a rise in popularity these days. These digital games can be played as single and multiplayer. It’s all upon the users’ choice to download or play online. 

However, these days van error 9003 in Valorant, which is highly known around the world as a shooting game, irritates gamers.

This blog is written discussing causes and solutions in regard to this issue. 

Causes of this Issue on Valorant

  • Poor connection
  • May be secure boot is not working 
  • Corrupt files 

5 Tips to Fix Van9003 Error Code

Here are some reliable solutions –

1. Ensure Secure System Boot is Activated 

The first step to fix errors is to secure boot. If it is disabled or not organized properly, you can do it by following the process- 

  • Start your PC again, and choose the button you wanted 
  • You can take the help of arrow keys 
  • Search the secure boot option and enable it 
  • After that go to the trusted module and enable it properly to secure the changes on PC. 

2. Restart the game 

Close all the activities and start all over again. You can go to the settings, restarting will help you to get good quality and good performance of the game. Many times restarting helps in fixing major issues when the controller is not working. 

3. Restart the PC 

You can log out from the PC. Start it again, and check the internet connection, the wifi router should be in a perfect position. Try to disable other apps while playing the game.

4. Ensure Stable Internet

 A strong internet connection is a crucial aspect of the smooth functioning of any app. In that case, you can restart your internet router. Try to refresh your internet connection to enjoy the app effectively. 

5. Reinstall the game 

Most of the time the app gets affected due to viruses or corrupt files. In that case, the app will be unable to work properly. To fix this you should uninstall it and reinstall the app. Most of the time your app needs modification which can be done by reinstalling.

6. Check If the System’s Incompatibility is causing Van9003 Issue

  • First, approach the search bar and then click system information 
  • In the system information, you will get the option of system boot to click to enable it on your device. 


Errors are unpredictable. We can’t predict them but yes can solve them in an organised way using reliable solutions. This blog is written with the consideration to solve the query of users who are fond of playing the Valorant game.

Hope this blog will help them to get the best-suited solutions to avoid any errors and enjoy their game freely.