What are good bubble tea options near me?

bubble tea near you

Bubble tea recently became super famous in many parts of the world. Not without a reason of course! But first of all, let’s see where it originally came from, what are the boba tea and the small pearls in it, and also what it takes to be successful?

Boba tea comes from Taiwan, where a tea house owner puts tapioca pearls – the little bubbles in the drink- into his tea. The beverage soon became super popular in many Asian countries, such as China, South Korea, Japan, and South-East Asia. Its success and popularity are not hard to understand.

Due to several different flavors, and the drinks’ refreshing nature, it became a staple drink in many countries. Because of all the factors mentioned above, customers can find just the right flavor, sugar level, and type of milk and tea used for it, and it is almost impossible not to find a good bubble tea near you.

According to some study, the global boba tea market size was valued at around USD 2.02 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 3.49 billion by 2027. Based on this market size, it’s clear that bubble tea is consumed on a large scale globally. However, without more detailed data on the average consumption per capita or the number of bubble tea shops and sales, it’s difficult to estimate the daily consumption accurately, but you can be sure that you can get something delicious with bubble tea near you!

Shine like a pearl!

So how are these magical beverages made? Let’s get into business and find out the wonders of bubble tea near you! The process is rather simple. In order to prepare boba, the pearls are first boiled in water until they become soft and translucent, and then they are soaked in honey or brown syrup to add sweetness and flavor. They can then be added to the bottom of a cup or a glass, along with tea and other ingredients, such as milk, fruit syrups, or flavorings. When drinking bubble tea with boba, it’s common to use a thickstraw to allow the boba to pass through easily. As the straw is large enough to suck up the boba along with the tea, it’s a fun and unique experience to enjoy the chewy texture of the pearls along with the refreshing taste of the bubble tea, go find a bubble tea near you!

Where to?

So as discussed before, Boba Tea has become a daily beverage in many many countries all around the globe, and just around the corner there is a shop serving bubble tea near you, that’s almost certain! For example, some well-known companies like Sharetea have stores all around the globe so no matter which travel destination you choose, there will be bubble tea near you! Using authentic ingredients, and fresh and flavorful toppings, you can always get something refreshing that suits your mood!