What Are Some Of The Coping Methods Of Anxiety

What Are Some Of The Coping Methods Of Anxiety


For some, even the word could be triggering. Soon, they will just create scenarios in their mind, Scenarios that never happened and are very less likely to happen. However, this is just one kind of anxiety.

There are so many kinds that your head would spin!

Although anxiety is not particularly lethal, frequent panic attacks can lead to mental exhaustion and eventual chronic depression. So, if you are someone who is dealing with anxious thoughts, lack of sleep, or increased heart rate, there is a possibility that you could be dealing with anxiety.

So, we would suggest you pause this article and consult a psychologist immediately. Do not take this article as a diagnosis. This is only when you know for sure that you have anxiety and you do not wish to be dependent on the medicine.

Then we would say that you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be talking about some of the prominent coping methods when you feel an anxiety attack coming up.

Signs Of Anxiety

These are some of the common symptoms of anxiety. This is again not a diagnosis but a cue to help you understand whether you need medical help or not.

– A feeling of nervousness that is accompanied by cold sweaty palms. Even when you encounter the smallest of issues.

– Always overthinking scenarios and then anticipating something before it ever happens.

– Feeling an impending doom even with the smallest inconvenience.

– You are always jumpy.

– Feeling mentally exhausted or tired.

– Having trouble sleeping because the anxious thoughts are keeping you up.

Now, when you have a big interview or an exam, it is common to feel anxious. Some even believe that the nervousness helps, and they are extra prepared. But, that is not the same as having anxiety. Because with anxiety, the feeling doesn’t go away without proper help or coping methods.

Excellent Coping Methods!

Here are some of the excellent coping methods which can help anyone who is dealing with anxious thoughts.

1. Movies & Books

Movies and books are a great way to escape to a different reality and escape your ones for the time being. Always keep your favorite books handy, and make a playlist of your comfort movies and download them.

You can download them for free from RARBG. Though it is not advised to use pirated content from such websites, you can download copyright free movies and songs without any worry. Movies have been psychologically proven to distract you and eventually eliminate anxious thoughts.

Easemybrain.com does not promote or encourage online illegal practices, such as downloading pirated content from unauthorized sites.

2. Talk To A Therapist

There is no better way to cope with anxiety better than talking to a professional. The best part is that they wouldn’t be prescribing you medicines. Rather, they will give you exercises and genuine coping mechanisms which are medically proven to have worked on medical professionals.

Other than that, just talking to someone who will listen to your anxious thoughts without judgment is enough of a relief for someone dealing with anxiety.

3. Physical Exercise

Psychical exercises are known to help in the release of neurotransmitters. The kind which is either inhibitory to the anxious chemicals or excitatory happy chemicals. This is a form of distraction which is not only diminishing the anxious thoughts but brings about happy thoughts.

Plus, the shower right after the workout will help you destress from the thoughts that have been lingering.

4. Talking To A Loved Ones

You cannot always have a therapist at your beckoning call at all times. However, if you fail to talk to a therapist, you can always share your thoughts with loved ones. Generally, they are your friends, significant other, or parents.

You have no idea how much of a help this activity can turn out to be. Just simple conversation!

5. Playing Games

Playing games helps with the good adrenaline rush, and winning that game not only gives a fresh dose of dopamine but can also allow you to think clearly.

Especially if you are playing one of those problem-solving futuristic games.

You Can Win Over Anxiety!

Do not let your anxiety win over you. It might seem like the coping mechanism wouldn’t work. But, there is one more thing which is as important as these methods.

Your willpower!

Just repeat that you will get out of it, and your perseverance will win over the anxiety.