What Are the Best MBA Programs in the World?

Best MBA Programs in the World

An MBA is the number one choice for many grad students. Yet, few make it to the top schools.

Why settle for less when the best MBA programs in the world can catapult you to success? Top-tier programs can make your resume sparkle and give you a huge edge in the job market.

We’ve gathered a list of schools that could be your stepping stones to greatness. If you’re ready to take a giant leap in your career, stick around and we’ll walk you through a handpicked selection of the absolute cream of the crop MBA programs.

Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) has a global reputation for its strong MBA programs. They pride themselves on their transformative learning environment. The school received the twenty-third spot for its one-year MBA program in the UK in the 2023 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking.

The school houses an Executive Education program, offering both custom and open programs that cater to your professional development needs. Lastly, research at CJBS is top-notch. You will find esteemed faculty and research centers focusing on topics like alternative finance.

IESE Business School

This Spanish school is known for its groundbreaking business research. Here you can study an MBA that offers a global curriculum and personalized career support.

The program features a robust general management perspective, a comprehensive ethical framework, and an international business viewpoint. This curriculum is underpinned by groundbreaking business research conducted by IESE faculty, who engage with organizations worldwide.

Personalized career support starts from day one through one-on-one sessions with career advisors, workshops, classes, and events with recruiters. By the time students graduate, they’re set to embark on the next steps of their career journey. This could be an entry-level job or a promotion within their current company.

Hong Kong UST Business School

Closer to Asia, the Hong Kong UST Business School is famous for its East-meets-West approach. Grads from this MBA program usually become great business leaders, boosting MBA job prospects in the area.

Its primary strength lies in its commitment to cultivating leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and the application of knowledge. They empower graduates to rise through the ranks.

Additionally, the school takes advantage of its Hong Kong location. It offers students exposure to an incredible network of businesses operating in the region.


Known for its one-year program, INSEAD is a top choice for those wanting to make a swift career progression. With campuses spanning three continents-in Fontainebleau, France; Singapore; and Abu Dhabi, UAE-INSEAD offers a multicultural experience that mirrors the nature of modern business. Students have the option to study at any of the three campuses.

The curriculum at INSEAD packs two years’ worth of content into a single year. Its one-year program is intense and demanding, requiring a high level of dedication and resilience from its students.

University of Chicago: Booth

The Booth School of Business is widely recognized as a global powerhouse in the field of business education. Its flexible MBA program remains a top choice for individuals who aspire to be in leadership roles soon.

Chicago Booth offers full-time, part-time (evening and weekend), and Executive MBA options. Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs cater to those who wish to pursue an MBA while continuing with their current job. Executive MBA, on the other hand, is designed for individuals in senior leadership roles who wish to earn an MBA while minimizing disruption to their work schedules.

One of Chicago Booth’s greatest strengths is its commitment to teaching from industry leaders. Students benefit from a faculty comprised of established business professionals who bring real-world insights right into the classroom. This translates into a holistic learning experience that balances time-tested theory with practical applicability.

Columbia Business School

Established in 1916, Columbia Business School has a long-standing tradition of excellence in business education. Its prime location in New York City, the financial capital of the world, is a huge plus. This proximity to Wall Street and Silicon Valley provides a platform for students to engage directly with top companies.

Students have praised the diversity, abundance of resources, and networking opportunities with alumni. Graduates from Columbia seem to reap considerable rewards for their studies. The average salary for Columbia MBA graduates was reported to be $150,000, with bonuses ranging up to $300,000.

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is highly regarded. It has an impressive employment rate upon graduation. Over 90 percent of the full-time program’s graduates are working.

However, you must consider its highly competitive admissions process. The Wharton undergraduate program, for instance, has an acceptance rate of under ten percent for the class of 2022. The difficulty of getting into Wharton’s undergraduate program extends to its MBA program as well.

The Cost of an MBA

On average, the total cost of an MBA is around $27,000 per year. This would amount to roughly $54,000 for a two-year program, which is the usual amount of time it takes to complete an MBA.

Full-time, in-person programs tend to be more expensive. Part-time online programs cost about $14,000 a year on average.

Acting the IMAT Test

Some of these top business schools might ask you to take the test IMAT. The IMAT, or International Medical Admissions Test, is an aptitude test.

Some Italian universities will demand this. These universities offer English-language, internationally-oriented medical degree programs.

MBA Job Prospects

Despite fluctuations in the job market and various industries, MBA graduates still find many job opportunities. Some of the hottest jobs for MBA graduates include management consulting, financial management, health services management, and IT management.

Best MBA Programs in the World

These programs can significantly enhance job prospects, with roles ranging from management consulting to IT management. From Cambridge’s transformative learning environment to the East-meets-West approach at Hong Kong UST, the opportunities are boundless.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the journey, including tests like IMAT and the substantial investment, can be demanding as well. The key to success lies in finding the best MBA programs in the world that align with your career dreams. Discover more empowering education tips on our blog.