What Are the Different Types of Medical Syringes That Exist Today?

In 2021, there is a shortage of syringes for this world health emergency. UNICEF is working on getting 1 billion syringes for the vaccination happening worldwide.

In case of emergency, we should know the different types of medical syringes for extra knowledge. Knowing more would be an immense help when the situation calls for it.

Are you curious to know the differences between each syringe? Keep on reading, and we’ll give you the best education on this.

Types of Syringes and Its Uses

Syringes have various forms and sizes. Along with these differences come varying uses and purposes. There are about six different types, and they vary from one another.

Insulin Syringe

Insulin syringes are one-time-use syringes that you dispose of afterward. The sub-types of this medical equipment are of its size; 0.3 ml, 0.5 ml, and 1.0 ml. As the name suggests, they’re for insulin injections.

Tuberculin Syringe

You use tuberculin syringes for measurements or to give a precise dosage. It’s common for tests like tuberculosis tests and intradermal or subcutaneous injections.

Multi-Shot Needle Syringe

Multi-shot needle syringes are the ones that have refills from built-in reservoirs. It isn’t advisable for human use, but an exception is private use for a single person.

Venom Extraction Syringe

A venom extraction syringe extracts poison without stabbing the wound. Although, medical experts highly advise you to avoid using these and consult an expert instead for venom bites.

Oral Syringe

Oral syringes deliver straight medicines to animals and children for oral medication. It measures an accurate dosage by a medical practitioner and gives to patients.

Dental Syringe

Last is the dental syringe for anesthesia injection. It also helps clean debris and supplies water in the mouth.

Along with the different types, there are also variations for the tip of syringes.

Types of Tip Syringes

The healthcare industry uses many types of syringes with different tips. Here are 4 of the distinctive tips for medical use:

  • Luer Lock Tip
  • Slip Tip/ Luer Slip
  • Caterer Tip
  • Eccentric Tip

Luer lock tips are accident-free because the needles and tips have screw-type connections. You use it by twisting the needle into the threaded tip to lock it in place. But for slip tips, you push the needle on the tip to put it inside.

Moreover, eccentric tips are for injections close to the skin. It’s for artery injections and veins but doesn’t pierce through the vascular and walls.

Caterer tips are for irrigation and cleaning wounds, catheters, and tubes. They have longer and tapered tips that form a tight seal.

These syringes are both used in public and private medical practice. If you want to get the best medical supplies, get these syringe needle kits now.

Learn More on Types of Medical Syringes Now!

Like other medical equipment, syringes have plenty of types and uses. Also, other parts of the syringe, like tips and needles, have sub-types. There’s even a distinction between needle length and gauge when injecting the syringe.

Now you know the different types of medical syringes. You are now more aware of the medical equipment used on you or for other people.

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