What Are the Different Types of Sneakers That Exist Today

The first sneaker was created by John Dunlop in the 1830s. This early design was the first to place canvas uppers with rubber soles. But since the early days of athletic footwear do you know how much designs have changed?

With so many variations on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Read on for our essential guide on the types of sneakers available today. 

Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll sneakers are also known as low tops. They’re an extremely simple form of shoe, based on the first athletic sportswear. With a canvas body, they give a relaxed, retro styling. 

Many people choose to wear them without a sock, or a sneaker sock that does not show. If you are wearing them with denim jeans, go for a skinny fit or roll the bottoms up. This will provide a relaxed appearance that makes you look fresh and cool. 

Running Sneakers

Running sneakers are a fairly new fashion industry concept. These types of trainers are designed with running in mind, be it pounding trails or zipping about in the city. As the trend for running has grown in popularity, these shoes have become incorporated into mainstream fashion. 

Running shoes are designed to provide support and cushion to the foot and heel. This can prevent shin splints and tendonitis. 

Another feature is that they are always extremely lightweight. Meshed fabrics and knit bodies are one of the main features. Nike Flyknits 1 is a very popular fashion sneaker that takes on this aesthetic. 

High Tops

The high top is one of the most iconic sneakers. Originally designed to provide ankle support during games of basketball, it is now one of the most defining men’s shoe fashion items of the last 100 years. If it was not for the high top we would never have had the sneakerhead, collectors who turned these necessities into a collectible commodity.  

One great thing about them is that they work with anything. Long jeans and shorts look great when worn alongside them. You can also wear high socks without them poking out of the top of the long, boot-like structure. 

Canvas Sneakers

Converse is the brand name that is the king of the canvas sneaker. They have a low heel design with a flat base, surrounded by a light canvas boot. 

This type of sneaker is the epitome of casual. They are best when paired with a casual outfit. Ripped jeans, t-shirts, and leather jackets are the style that made them famous in the New York punk scene of the seventies. 

Authentic Sneakers

Authentic sneakers refer specifically to the famous brand Vans. Their aesthetic is to be clean and simple. Although there are numerous different colors, fabrics, and even more designs the company has always stuck to this mission. 

The beauty of them is that they can be worn with almost anything. Shorts, jeans, and dresses will all work perfectly depending on the type of authentic sneaker you have chosen. 

Velcro Sneakers

Velcro sneakers have pull-over straps for fastening. This gives them a very unique aesthetic. Where it was once kept for children’s shoes, they are now available in some extremely formal designs.

Usually, they are paired with a leather or synthetic material. You would not use them as athletic footwear, but they can look very smart with a pair of formal jeans and a shirt. 

Leather Sneakers

In the past ten years, men’s shoe fashion has moved towards a blend of comfort with formality. The result of that is the leather sneaker. These trainers often have the appearance of a formal shoe with the comfort of a sneaker. 

One of the main benefits is that the durable material helps the shoe last longer. They look great when paired with formal outfits and office wear to add a semi-casual touch. 

Leather sneakers also have a very snug fit. They will follow the shape of the foot, offering the utmost in comfort. If you feel brave, pair them with bright socks for a relaxed look. 

LED Sneakers

Sneakers with lights in them first appeared in the nineties then disappeared for a while. Now they are back and better than ever with LED technology. They are often favored by young adult females for their explosive look. 

An LED light runs around the outside of the soles. They can come with one colored light, different colors, and even flash in various combinations. As a fun shoe, they are great for outdoor events like festivals. 

Textile Blend

Textile blend sneakers employ more than one type of material in their construction. They may have plastic, textiles, and leathers in a layered shoe form. Depending on the materials used they can be worn for a formal dress or in some instances for athletic purposes. 

Designer Sneakers

These types of sneakers are ones released by high-end clothing brands. They’re often very comfortable and designed so that they can be worn formally and with casual outfits. Brands such as Paul Smith and Dior all release trainer lines that fit in with their fashion ideas. 

Additional Types of Sneakers

There are numerous other types of sneakers other than the ones on our list. With more being designed on an almost yearly basis, the market is crowded. Go out shopping and try some on to get the one that is right for you. 

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