What Differentiates Cold Brew Coffee From Regular Coffee?

pouring cold brew coffee

Due to the way in which coffee beans used to be harvested, one of the only ways to consume them previously was by boiling them and allowing enough time for the components to break down. These days however, and thanks to changes in technology, it’s now an option to enjoy a cold brewed coffee and many people do exactly this across the globe, from cold lattes, to frappé and many more variants in between. But what are the main differences between cold brew coffee and its regular alternative?

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Most people will have heard of cold brew tea, and its coffee equivalent works in pretty much the same way. Where regular hot drinks allow the main component to steep for a short while for consumption, cold coffee is treated in much the same way as with cold infused tea – whereby the coffee is allowed to sit inside of cold water for a while as it begins to break down and dissolve.

The result? A fresh, cold alternative to regular coffee that can be enjoyed on the go whenever the person wants. And as an added bonus, the fat-fighting potential that coffee is well-known for is enhanced even further, as cold drinks have been proven to trigger the human metabolism into acting in a more efficient manner, which in turn can help to burn more fat as the body tries to balance its temperature after being exposed to a cold beverage. A good cold brew coffee wholesale supplier like Finlays specialises in creating cold brew coffee blends, and many stockists and suppliers turn to them for all of their cold coffee requirements.

Are There Any Benefits of Drinking Cold Brew Coffee?

Certainly, in fact not only are the benefits briefly mentioned above an appealing concept of cold brewed coffee (such as helping with weight loss), but as the water is cold, your stomach and liver will get to work faster to process it. As a result, several internal organs can benefit from a dose of caffeine, as well as an improvement to the way that they are forced to work due to the colder temperature.

Over time, studies have discovered that cold coffee can help to reduce the feeling of fatigue as organs begin to work more cohesively and efficiently, and as caffeine helps to stimulate calorie burning, your body could benefit from a reduction in fatty cells, which can only be beneficial as you get older. These reasons are why so many famous faces are ditching their tradition of a hot coffee in the morning, in favour of colder alternatives throughout the day to keep them active, feeling awake, and exposing their body to a healthier option than a warmer beverage.

The great thing about cold brewed coffees is that leading manufacturers create a variety of products to choose from, including ready-made bottles and cans, right through to instant-mixes that can be added to water and then allowed to seep for a few hours before consumption. So many people are making the switch to cold coffee and those that do often find that they prefer this option because it’s healthy, easy to make, and can be enjoyed on the go, no matter how active your lifestyle might be.