What is a career in data analytics as a fresher?

What is a career in data analytics as a fresher?

“Data is the new oil to run a company successfully,” says British Mathematician Clive Humby as he describes the importance of data in successful modern organizations. Insightful data improves business processes, eventually reducing wasted money and time. Data helps businesses gain more valuable information about business operations, customer desires, and issues.

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the overall employment for data analysts will grow by 23 per cent by 2031. Several studies suggest that companies offer highly competitive salaries to data analysts to identify critical insights into the customers of a business and deal with complex problems. Data analysts provide this valuable information to leaders and stakeholders of the company.

Therefore, starting a career as a data analyst can significantly boost your salary and career. Data analysts earn a well-above-average salary compared to others. The career ladder opportunities are also relatively higher for data analysts than other professionals.

In a nutshell, data analytics is a promising and lucrative career path for a fresher. To start a career in data analytics, you require a broad range of valuable skills, such as SQL, statistical programming, machine learning, probability and statistics, python, data cleaning, data management, statistical visualisation, and econometrics. Most entry-level data analyst roles require a Data Analytics Professional Certification

Students aspiring to launch a career in data analytics can pursue a Data Analytics Professional Certification to develop data analysis skills and land a well-paying job. Attending a reputable university also helps students to build a network with like-minded professionals.

All about the Data Analytics Professional Certification 

A Data Analytics Professional Certification is a short course, usually delivered over four weeks. Prospective data analysts can pursue the course online to develop data analysis skills, such as SQL, NoSQL, machine learning, data cleaning, data analysis, statistical knowledge, critical thinking, data presentation, data visualisations, and oral communications.

The course is tailor-made for professionals aspiring to manage an organisation and who want to make critical business decisions. Middle to top-level business managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants can apply for a Data Analytics Professional Certification programme. If you’re going to get into data analytics, the course will give you the foundation to thrive in this booming sector. 

The course is the right fit for those about to begin playing with data. The course build skills to get you job-ready. Upon completing the course, you will be able to evaluate the analytical approaches to solve business problems and use data for better decision-making.

Why study data analytics certification?

Data Analytics Professional Certification provides students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace. It also helps them build a strong portfolio showcasing their job readiness to potential employers through various hands-on projects. 

So, enrol in the course at a reputable university in Berlin to launch a career in data analytics. Sign up for the course in Berlin now!