What is Ehtelam? Is it Good or Bad? All We Know


Ehtelam is an Urdu-Arabic term that means Nightfall or WetDreams. In simple words, Ehtelam or nightfall is a volunteer response of your body in which you will experience an orgasm during your sleep. So, whenever you are unconscious and you reach sexual climax, it is what people call Ehtelam in Pakistan. Doctors say that it is a normal part of our life and it is not unhealthy at all. It is not a bad thing on its own, according to medical science, but excessive Ehtelam may be a sign of a problem with your sexual health.

How to Know If Your Ehtelam is Normal or Abnormal?

If you experience it about 2 times in a week, you are in a normal range of sleep orgasms. In case it is happening more than 2 times a week, you may want to talk to your doctor about this. While talking to your doctor about Ehtelam, it is important to talk openly and share all symptoms without any shame. They will be able to guide you correctly if you are honest with them.

Why You May Have Abnormal Ehtelam?

Thinking too much about sex, watching porn, fantasizing too much about erotic thoughts, or similar things will lead to excessive nightfall. Your mind and body are responsible for most of the wet dreaming occurrences, so training your mind and body correctly should resolve the problem. All you need to do is try to avoid all unnatural erotic things and experiences from your life. You need to understand that the media and porn industry is flooding us with unnatural and immoral sex ideas. They say it is normal to have sex with anybody, no matter whether you have any emotional or romantic bonding with them. Most of this pushes our minds in the wrong or unnatural directions, but if we stick to our religious and moral principles about sex, we will be able to lead a healthy life without any team. Rather than wasting time in watching immoral sexual movies and fantasizing about bad things in mind, we should think about good things. Sex is not everything, but the media and industries lure all of us into this trap.

God didn’t give us sexual feelings and pleasures to get involved in unnatural sex practices, but he wanted us to enjoy it under the holy and respectful relationship of marriage. Therefore, it can be said that too much thinking about sex may eventually lead to Ehtelam.

How to Avoid Ehtelam?

Controlling your sex-related thoughts will prevent your subconscious mind to think about sex during your sleep, curing the problem of frequent Ehtelam. You just need to divert your brain away from sexual thoughts and urges by getting busy in other interesting activities, such as meditation, sports, games, reading books, etc. The more you avoid sexual thoughts, the more you will get away from Ehtelam. If you still experience it, even after controlling your body and mind, then you can consult with a sexologist as it may be a warning of a medical condition.