What Made Some Qualities of Premium Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl Siding

If you’ve decided on some exterior renovations that include premium vinyl siding, then it’s obvious why you’re excited. Investing in your home with premium installation offers so many benefits it can be hard to name them all. 

It offers many premium qualities not otherwise seen in the industry. Unless you’re a siding expert, you probably won’t know what they are or why a siding installation is such a big deal. 

Here are some of the premium features of vinyl products that outperform others in the industry. 

High Energy Efficiency Ratings

A James Hardie siding installation can drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency while saving you money and transforming the look of your home. These slides can resist the extreme temperatures dished out by Mother Nature because it has a cemented element not found in other vinyl siding products. 

Unlike regular cement, a siding installation is not porous, so it won’t soak up moisture and hold it close to your home. Instead, it repels moisture for years to come while dramatically improving the appearance of your home’s exterior. 

Insulates Home Against Weather

Insulates your home against inclement weather in any season. Many other types of siding can be easily damaged after a few years of rain and snow or the sun’s hot rays beating down, depending on the part of the country. However, James Hardie’s siding installation resists damage to insulate your home and creates an envelope that protects against weather and pests. It is one of the highest-rated in the industry regarding siding products. 

Resists Cracking, Shrinking, & Rotting

One of the great attributes of a sliding is that it resists cracking, shrinking, and rotting, which tends to tear up other siding products. James Hardie vinyl products are noncombustible, which is a safety attribute, and they prevent warping, sagging, shrinking, and rotting. They have a better warranty than other products because they are built to perform in the elements, standing up to whatever mother nature throws at them to keep your home safe.

Built to Last 

Siding installation is built to last with one of the best warranties in the industry. When installed correctly by a reputable company, siding installation means you’ll never have to paint or replace siding again. Vinyl products are engineered to last up to a half-century, meaning your home will be safe and protected probably as long as you live there. You won’t find a better warranty in the industry. 

Siding Installation

It is just the investment to increase your home’s value and protect it for years. It offers higher energy efficiency ratings, insulates your home, creates an envelope, resists the elements, and is built to last for years. Set your mind at ease with a James Hardie siding installation performed by a reputable contractor who will do things right the first time.