Why Angular is a Popular Framework? 5 Reasons

Why Angular is a Popular Framework? 5 Reasons

Angular apps are coded in JavaScript and with the aim to implement rapid page changes, it separates the app’s functioning from DOM control. By adopting the best angular development practices, developers can offer an excellent approach to simplified web development for their clients.

In this article, we will discuss the top reasons that make Angular a popular framework among small, medium, and large businesses. 

Ease of Use 

The framework is appropriate for developing single-page applications as the Angular interceptor can convert XML into JSON to make the app faster. For more information on interceptors, visit https://dev-academy.com/how-to-use-angular-interceptors-to-manage-http-requests/. One major reason for using this framework in building SPA is the simple learning curve. Moreover, the MVC structure allows for easy and seamless app testing. 

Deployment Speed 

As we know, Angular is a versatile platform that developers use to accomplish a variety of tasks ranging from project development to code optimization. This competitive programming language, on the other hand, confers a wide variety of functionalities that compel programmers to deploy a complete package. Deploying an Angular application package on a dynamic server is simple and can be accomplished by executing a couple of simple commands. 

Data Security 

One of the major online threats, nowadays, to any web application is CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery). In short, it is the attempt to perform a malicious act on a web platform without the owner even realizing it. With Angular CSRF protection implementation, developers can ensure the best security for the applications they develop. Visit https://dev-academy.com/angular-csrf-protection-implementation/ to learn more about Angular CSRF protection. 

Cross Platform 

The angular web platform is highly in demand. Developers are utilizing it to build static and dynamic mobile and desktop web applications that fit their client’s business needs. This framework can be used to develop progressive web applications or single-page applications that are easy to scale. Since a lot of tools are available for the Angular framework, any kind of application can be developed to run over different operating systems. 

Code Consistency

Web developers spend most of their time writing codes. Since Angular supports Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, the developers only need to split code into MVC and leave the rest to the Angular framework. Angular documentation and command line interface help ensure that the code consistency is up to the mark. The framework allows developers to reuse the code which reduces the time and effort they spend coding. 

So, these were some of the reasons why Angular is popular among developers and businesses. You can decide if it’s the right fit for your web development requirements.