Why did popularmmos arrested again

Why did popularmmos arrested again

Why popularmmos get arrested again is a blown-up rumor in the air, and most of the audience wants to know the truth. 

Be it YouTubers, actors, or singers they are always part of debates, and discussions especially when they have done something which doesn’t catch up with their personalities. In this blog, we are going to talk about popularmmos who have never been arrested again. Let’s find the reason behind his arrest. 

Who is popularmmos and why is he arrested?

Popularmmos is known to be a popular American YouTuber who uploads mini vlogs and videos. However, he has been highly famous among millions of fans for posting his gaming videos. In most of the videos, he was seen to be playing as GamingWithjen ( his ex-wife). However, he is living in Florida but there have been a lot of rumors about his arrest. 

It was rumored that he along with two other men were arrested for stunt playing and leading to a pitch invasion. He was arrested for bodily harm and battery devastation. 

Secondly, he was also blamed for molesting her girlfriend while they were in the moment. It was said he molest his girlfriend when she was naked, she ran to save herself and also bit him allegedly. 

Why is it hard to believe that popularmmos is criminals? 

For his die-hard fans, he is one of the most honest, creative YouTubers who always come up with unique content.

He is different from other YouTubers. His major achievements are as follows – 

  • He was awarded a diamond play button from YouTube as he reached 10 million subscribers.
  • He has also worked for brand collaborations, including Google, Microsoft, and Xbox to create content and advertise products. 
  • He was featured in various magazines, and articles and appreciated for being an amazing content creator. 
  • He soon becomes an influential content creator in gaming, entertainment, and creative content on other dusky topics. 
  • He has a large fan following on social media accounts like – Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 
  • He had enjoyed media appearances, social media popularity, and brand advertisements on his name. 
  • Loved by young youth for being determined in his acts. 


YouTube celebrities or actors are always part of rumours, discussions. They are praised for their talent, and work. Most of the time their personal life is discussed widely. 

This blog is written in the same sense to answer the question of why popularmmos get arrested again. 

We hope the blog will help his fans to get their every doubt clear related to his arrest.