Why Home Pet Sitting Near You is Pawfect for Your Pet

Pet Sitting

You met a fellow animal lover on Bumble and decided to go on a lunch date. However, neither of you has the heart to leave your little Persian and his not-so-little German Shepherd home alone. As you comb through your best outfits and practice your cat-eye liner, you’re probably wondering what the other is like in person and also: “How do I get home pet sitting near me?”

The answer to that question is simple: PawSpace! Tell us when your date is, and you’ll have a smiling pet sitter knocking on your door an hour in advance.

Here’s an incomplete list of reasons you should get a pet sitter.


You want your pet to get along with the human watching them in your absence. Pets are intelligent creatures who can size you up in a jiffy. Different pets require different modes of care and engagement depending on their age, breed, and health. Sending a zesty dog person to watch a side-eyeing cat would make no sense whatsoever. Even though it’s just for a few hours, it matters that the pet and the sitter relish each other’s company.


It’s nerve-wracking to trust someone you’ve never met, like your date and pet sitter. If you’re asking yourself, “Is home pet sitting near me safe?” we’ll give you a resounding yes! We don’t hire sitters on a whim. We rigorously verify their backgrounds before shaking hands across the interviewing table. You want a genuine pet lover for a pet sitter, and so do we. Your sitter will treat your pet kindly and responsibly. Watching your CCTV footage will bring happy tears to your eyes.


Sheepishly approaching your nosy neighbour to watch your pet is embarrassing. Calling family, friends, and exes is time-consuming. Reaching out to PawSpace is quick and easy. Our team won’t ask you a laundry list of questions about your cousin’s suitor or eyeball your oversized earrings. We’ll talk about someone you love talking about: your pet! And like a good date, we won’t cancel on you.

With a sitter, you can glam up hassle-free. You won’t have to drive to one end of town to drop off your kitty and all the way to the other end to make it to the restaurant dishevelled and on time in Bangalore traffic.


Pet sitting is ideal for cats and dogs who grow anxious in unfamiliar environments. Your pet can still curl up on their favourite throw pillow, breathe the comforting smell of home, and eat from their own bowls. Your pet sitter will not impose a new routine on your pet. They will help your pet enjoy the day on the pet’s terms. If you have any special instructions or requests regarding your pet, leave them a message or a note on the fridge.

Because your pet has the sitter’s undivided attention, they won’t have to contend with rivals. So, no one-upmanship, no jealousy, and no catfights. Now that’s a relief, isn’t it? When you come home, you won’t find your pet sulking and murmuring in a corner. They’ll be bright as buttons and happy as clams.

A Fairy-Tail Ending

Your pet will have such a great time with the sitter from PawSpace that you’ll book once again for your second outing. When your date whines about how his pooch and the cranky neighbour got into a snarling contest, you can tell him, “I booked the most amazing home pet sitting near me. You should call them!” Hit us up when you want to go out. We’ll come home.