Why You Should Choose Cable TV Over Satellite TV

Cable vs. satellite is an everlasting battle where no one could ever decide who is an absolute winner. We all have been confused at some point whether to pick a cable TV connection or go for satellite TV. Both are different in terms of plans, installation, equipment, and price. 

Satellite TV service delivers TV programming to their viewers via communication satellites orbiting the Earth directly to the location of the viewer. Cable television systems distribute signals by using coaxial wires or fiber-optic cables. Many cable service providers in the US offer cable internet and TV services to their customers as cable service is considered to provide high bandwidth internet and HD quality TV services.

Every person has their own preference when it comes to opting for cable TV or satellite TV services. Our personal favorite between the two services is Cable TV service and we are going to give you all the reasons why you should prefer cable TV over Satellite TV too.

Better in terms of plans

As the cable service providers’ market is growing rapidly, you get to have a lot of options to choose from. Every provider is offering multiple plans which vary according to price as well as many channels and add-ons included in that package. So it depends on you that what plan you choose for your home keeping in mind your requirements and needs.

For instance, if we only talk about the Spectrum TV service, it is one of the largest cable TV and internet providers in the US and it offers multiple TV packages, all reasonably priced. Even if you go for the cheapest package they offer i.e. Spectrum Select you can enjoy up to 125+ channels. Other than this they have Spectrum Silver and Gold packages lined up for their customers too. So you can compare between different plans and choose the one that offers the best value for your money. 

With Satellite TV you don’t get many options to choose from in terms of TV Plans and packages. There are limited options available and you have to settle with whatever the service providers offer in your area.

More reliable

Even though satellite TV services these days are more reliable than it has ever been in the past, still they are prone to get flimsy with bad weather conditions. If it gets windy or stormy outside, you’ll notice a clear difference in picture quality, it gets fuzzy and unclear. 

Cable TV service is more reliable in that sense as it does not get affected by weather conditions, it comes into your house via a cable that plugs directly into your TV. You get to experience consistent reliable services and utmost entertainment with a cable TV connection.

Accessible option for fast internet

If you’re going for a cable TV service then you have a chance to access high-speed internet. You can bundle your cable TV with cable internet from the same provider and get yourself a cost-effective plan for your home and office. And when you get both these services bundled you can enjoy generous data allowance, add-ons, free equipment, and whatnot.

Satellite internet services are really fast but cable internet tends to be the ultimate supreme in this race. And if you’re a heavy internet user and require to do tasks that involve a lot of downloading or love to stream movies online then we suggest you should choose cable instead of satellite TV.

Wide channel range

Nothing competes with cable TV when it comes to channel lineups. Different cable TV providers offer a different range of channels. One thing that is guaranteed with Cable TV service is that you’ll get more than enough channels for each member of the family no matter what package you choose.

Expect to enjoy thousands of movie channels, sports channels, TV shows, and some of the premium channels for free or a limited number of the month with your Cable TV service.

Customer support

If we look at both options, in general, cable TV providers offer better customer support. Considering the customer support factor is really important before opting for a service. Customer service is something you’ll be contacting more often regarding all your concerns. From billing to connection errors, customer support service is something that will help you throughout.

Almost all cable service providers offer one way or the other to contact customer support. Either through a live chat feature or calling directly, it is convenient to reach out to customer support if you choose cable TV service.


Cable TV services are more flexible to install as they require less equipment. All you need is a single coaxial cable and a set-top box to get your cable TV service to start working. On the other hand, satellite providers have to install a dish outside your home and the dish requires to be in the right direction too for work properly.

So undoubtedly cable TV is easier to set up as compared to satellite TV and it experiences lesser technical issues throughout the lifespan.

Wrapping it up

If we look overall cable TV is a more flexible option in terms of plans, packages, channel lineup, and installation as it requires less equipment. Most of the cable TV providers in the US also don’t require you to sign up for long-term commitments or contracts, so it is a hassle-free option. We hope this article has given you more clarity on why you should go for cable TV over satellite TV.