Wk Up: Should you take Wk Up’s Energy Drink and Multivitamin

Wk Up’s Energy Drink and Multivitamin

Wk Up is an emerging brand in the fitness market and they are offering very useful products for fitness freaks at a reasonable cost. Their multivitamin tablet seems to be very promising and health-boosting, but researching properly before incorporating such items in your diet is very crucial. 

I noticed that the multivitamin they are selling might be a generic multivitamin tablet under their brand name, well it is quite a common strategy nowadays to sell common products related to fitness with fitness-specific brand names. You can try any good low cost yet trusted brand for multivitamin tablets as both normal multimin brands and expensive ones will give the same results. It is advisable to follow a healthy and complete diet and avoid relying on multivitamins for filling your body with nutritions. Even for regular consumption multivitamins are not considered the best choice.  

I have checked their energy drinks too and it seems fine to me, nothing unique if we check the list of ingredients. Yes we respect the brand and manufacturer of the product that their intention is to promote well-being by selling zero-sugar energy drinks fortified with energy-boosting salts and natural substances like  caffeine, arginine, beta-alanine, l-carnitine,  and taurine to promote energy throughout your exercising period. 

Yes, these energy drinks will provide you with a significant effect on your energy level during your workouts. They work best for high intensity workouts as those workouts require much more rapid energy than normal intensity training. 

However, I would suggest all my fellow fitness devotees to stick to natural energy-boosting drinks and food items. Yes, energy drinks like Wk Up and others use artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and chemical based salts to change your mood and energy which can be unhealthy for regular consumption. According to multiple researches, drinking or eating processed food and drinks can negatively affect your health and fitness if consumed on a regular basis, no matter whether the product is advertised as a “Health drink.” 

Do you really want to try a natural magical energy drink? Have a large glass of Beetroot juice before 30 mins of your workout and see the magic. Add a spoon of Honey to it if you want some natural glucose to flow in your bloodstreams during the workouts. Honey is an excellent source of natural and healthy calories with countless antioxidants and micro nutrients that will aid you in your health journey. 

Have a glass of fresh sugarcane juice before your high-intensity workout as it will give you instant energy for your long lasting workout. However, sweet food items should be completely avoided if you have any health issues like diabetes and obesity. Always remember no supplement can replace healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts, beans, lentils, eggs, and lean meats. Believe the doctors, if you follow a diet that includes sufficient amount of veges, fruits, nuts, meats and other items, you don’t need any supplement.

I am in no way against the fitness brands like Wk Up, but I believe they are only meant for occasional use in your fitness journey. You should not trust them more than your food and healthy habits. If you really want to take your athletic performance to next level, you may want to know about natural foods and Herbs for achieving elite fitness and wellbeing.