Your complete guide for outdoor teak furniture

Your complete guide for outdoor teak furniture

Hardwood teak grows in abundance in the dry hill forests of South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, and Laos. With a minimum of 50 years to reach full maturity, teak trees can reach heights of up to 150 feet and widths of up to 5 feet. 

Excellence in Teak Craftsmanship 

The most discerning teak outdoor furniture purchasers know to only settle for the highest quality “Grade A” solid teak, though three different grades are available. This material’s grain direction, density, and colour should all be consistent. Top Notch Cut from the centre of a tree that is 30 to 50 years old, the heartwood of a teak tree is nearly flawless. 

Grade B and C teak are less durable because they are sourced from the pericarp or bark of the tree. It has less oil and silica, more colour and grain variation, and more knots and imperfections than other woods. Lower quality and more budget-friendly patio sets are made from grades B and C teak. Kiln-dried solid teak should have a moisture content of 10-15% for the UK market and as low as 6-8% for the warmer Mediterranean climes. Timber that has been kiln-dried properly will not split or shrink, even at the joints. As the wood closes and opens its grain with the seasons, occasional trying to check (cracking) on the finished grain is expected. 

Warranty and Refund Terms and Conditions 

If properly cared for, teak furniture should have almost no upkeep. Investing in high-quality, long-lasting teak furniture is a wise choice because it can be used for many years. 

Furniture is rarely handled by the staff at online stores that drop ship, preferring to have the item(s) shipped directly from the warehouse, leaving them with limited product information and customer service. It would be best to read the fine print to learn about their refund policy before purchasing; many vendors do not provide such a service. In stores, customers can access many options and examine and even try out all the furniture, with knowledgeable staff to answer any questions. The longer a reliable vendor, the better offer of the guarantee. 

Pick an importer or retailer who has dealt with teak furniture for a long time and has received positive feedback. 

Demand only the highest quality “Grade A” solid teak. 

  • If it seems too accurate, it probably isn’t Grade teak. 
  • Teak of lower quality (B and C) is widely available in the UK or Europe, but they will not last as long as Grade teak. 
  • It is unlikely that Grade A teak was used in construction if the connections are poorly fitted or appear to be handmade. 
  • Keep an eye out for machine-created joints (Mortise and Tenon style), as these will be the most stable over time if they are neat and close-fitting. 
  • Avoid low-quality substitutes, as they are not as long-lasting as teak and are more prone to rot, pests, and diseases. 
  • Inferior timber is sometimes stained with sulphuric acid and then sold as “Grade A” by unscrupulous importers who hope to profit from the higher price they can charge. 
  • Opt for designs with solid wood elements and brass and stainless hardware if possible. 
  • While many manufacturers will use thinner legs and desktops to cut costs, your teak furniture must be sturdy. 

Select Adaptable Layouts 

Teak patio sets aren’t typically as elaborate as other options, but they’re available in several styles. Changing the top cushion on a teak outdoor ottoman, for instance, is as simple as getting a new one in a different colour or pattern. Cushions and fabric cushion covers can be swapped for teak outdoor furniture. Seamless, unfussy silhouettes are versatile and can complement a wide range of patio accessories. With a stackable chair set, you’ll have a convenient and comfortable seating option that’s also simple to store. You’ll get more use out of your teak furniture if it can serve multiple purposes. All of the unfinished pieces should have a warm honey colour. Regarding patio furniture, teak is intelligent because its gorgeous colour complements virtually any style and colourway. 


If you’re unsure if a piece of teak furniture is correct for your home, use the advice in this buying guide to assist you in making up your mind. It’s not hard to see why teak is often the finest choice for those who want to invest in patio furniture for the long haul, given its durability and attractive appearance.