12 Work From Home Tips

A remote job can give you new freedom and flexibility in your daily life. You can stay in your own comfortable home and make more time for loved ones. Perhaps you are looking to take up a hobby or devote hours to creative pursuits. Working from home can open up a world of professional and personal opportunities. Think about the following tips for optimizing your work-from-home experience.

1. Set Up a Work Phone

Separating your professional and personal lines of communication can be great for your quality of life. Consider purchasing one of the popular Boost Mobile devices for work calls and texts. This allows you to be readily accessible to coworkers or clients during regular working hours. A work phone number ensures that important business calls will be answered appropriately.

2. Upgrade Your Tech

Your computer and tech accessories must be up to the job. Think about the possibility of dual monitors, an ergonomic keyboard, and additional external storage options. Evaluate your WiFi range and internet speed in order to avoid costly interruptions. Using a VPN could be a helpful layer of privacy.

3. Create a Video Call Backdrop

Many people who work from home find themselves on video calls. The background imagery and noise on your calls can influence perceptions about your professionalism. Look and solid core doors for household noise minimization and arrange the area behind your seat in a visually appealing manner. This may be a good time for new lighting and a fresh coat of paint.

4. Designate a Work Area

Sitting down in the same work area every day can help you to transition to a professional mindset. A designated work area can be an entire room or a desk in your bedroom. Wherever you decide to work, make sure that you can log off at the end of the day and walk away.

5. Organize Your Office Space

Keep your paper, pen, files, books, and sundry organized. Shelves, drawers, baskets, clips, and memo boards may be helpful for you. A tidy workspace can help you focus and save time while locating items. Pick a time at the beginning or end of each day to clean up.

6. Get Dressed for Success

You may be tempted to work in extra comfortable pajamas, but stepping into polished professional clothes is better for business. A work uniform can help you to set up and reach for success. Plan your week’s outfits to prepare for any last-minute video conference.

7. Schedule Breaks

Everyone needs a break sometimes, or daily. Write periodic breaks into your private schedule and set reminders if you are prone to having an intense focus on projects. Stretch, take deep breaths, get a snack, or spend a few minutes with a pet. Aim to have time away from screens throughout your work day.

8. Plan Meals

Mindful meal prep can help you to eat healthy and affordable food at home. Plan and pack your lunches at home in reusable containers. Preparing your week’s midday meals on Sunday afternoon allows you to reach for tasty food in between meetings without stress.

9. Sleep Well

Good sleep hygiene is just as important for people who work from home as those who go into the office. Try to go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at a set time in the morning. It may be easy to shift the time around when you have more calendar flexibility, so setting a sleep schedule will keep you more energized.

10. Set Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are essential for a sustainable work-from-home plan. Your daily time and energy are limited resources that you must protect. Communicate your responsive business hours and consider setting a firm wall around weekend time with your family and friends.

11. Exercise Regularly

You may find yourself moving less when you start to work from home. Without a commute, you could simply open your laptop and sit for many hours. Make time in your schedule to exercise regularly for the sake of physical and mental health. Exercise can be anything from nature walks to amateur triathlon training.

12. Head Outside 

Take your work outside. You do not have to stay inside to complete every task. Embrace the freedom of remote work by reading professional journals or responding to emails under the sun.

Set yourself up for success and enjoy work-from-home flexibility.